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2-Year Masters in PUBLIC HEALTH (MPH)

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Despite significant achievements over the years, Public Health challenges continue to stretch the existing resources, both in India and in the world. The countries, across the globe, strive towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, yet the agenda remains unfinished. With the commencement of Sustainable Development Goals era, a renewed thrust is required to maintain & improve upon the progress achieved so far.

While old threats continue to challenge health systems, new issues and challenges have appeared, thereby overburdening the health systems. Countries have developed an increased ownership towards the need to create a healthier population. Across the world, governments and voluntary organisations have worked towards strengthening the health systems through multiple approaches. Public Health professionals help in bridging the gap between the clinical and managerial aspects of the program implementation and provide techno-managerial inputs. Public Health Programs demand a special emphasis on the study of disease epidemiology, various determinants of health & emerging challenges in Health, Public Policy Making and Program Management.


Public Health serves to redress the limited institutional capacity in India by strengthening training, research and policy development in the Healthcare scenario. It engages with the research community, academia, NGOs, civil society and international agencies towards a collective action on health. Public Health is hailed as the front runner for improving
India’s health parameters.

MBA Healthcare specialisation in Public Health at Chitkara University is broad, integrative, multi-disciplinary and multi sectoral in approach. It prepares the students for challenging careers in Public Health Management in public & private sectors, nongovernmental organisations, across national & multinational organisations. The Program accepts fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals from Medical & Allied Health Sciences, Life Sciences, Social Sciences.

As part of the MPH Degree, you will be provided with quantitative & qualitative analytical research skills, and the ability to focus on the interdisciplinary nature of the world of Healthcare Management. Because of this interdisciplinary nature, your study will usually overlap with a range of other fields, including International Relations, Politics, Statistics, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, and Nursing.

Public Health is an interdisciplinary field that brings together expertise from a range of disciplines including Medicine, Social Sciences, Management, Engineering, Information Technology, etc. The Public Health Sector in India is in critical need of qualified Public Health Specialists and the MPH program aims to bridge this gap. The MPH program offered by Chitkara Business School has been designed to help participants acquire skills to examine and respond to current Public Health challenges.

The curriculum is structured to build knowledge, develop skills and provide exposure to real-world situations in public health and healthcare management. Courses will be taught by distinguished faculty who have contributed to meeting the challenges of Public Health & Healthcare Management. The pedagogy for each course is selected judiciously, and consistently encourages students to learn experientially, by helping them to relate concepts and theories to Public Health Management Systems. The program aims to develop students’ competencies in the following code areas:

  • Epidemiology
  • Environmental Health Science
  • Health Management
  • Functional Management & Ethics
  • Biostatistics
  • Public Health biology
  • Social & Behavioural Sciences
  • Public Policy

Once you hold an MPH Degree, there are a number of careers available to you. Your chosen specialisation will determine greatly which job you will end up having. Careers exist in public and private sectors, as well as with NGOs & non-profit organisations. Common roles include:

  • Epidemiologists, who look at disease patterns and try to identify the cause and effect of certain diseases & illnesses. You can take on various roles in this field, whether you focus on actual medicine or not. You can even focus specifically on veterinary epidemiology.
  • Health Administrator, whereby you will ensure that the Health Centre that you work for operates smoothly, within budget and without compromising on quality of care. In fact, passionate Health Administrators will work not just on maintaining excellent levels of care, but on improving them too.
  • Biostatisticians, who work with data to analyse whether a certain treatment plan worked, what are the influence of certain environmental conditions, and more. Pharmaceutical companies, Educational Institutions, and Government Agencies are the most common employers.
  • Public Health Practitioner, in which role you will help educate the public about how to achieve better health outcomes, while also promoting efforts to achieve this. Your role will be to identify how to take control in improving health outcomes across the world. It is a strategic role, but remains at the grassroot level, as you will work directly with the community to improve their overall quality of life.
  • Public Health Lobbyist or Public Affairs Consultant, in which role you will try to lobby government officials by asking them to make a strong commitment towards improving overall health outcomes.
Some of the major companies who recruit our graduates are:

Eligibility & Fees
  • The candidate should have completed the Bachelor’s Degree with minimum of 50% aggregate marks in any stream from a recognised university.
  • The candidate appearing in the final year examination can apply but the candidate must have secured minimum 50% (aggregate) marks till the previous year’s examination. However, the candidate must submit his/her graduation completion certificates by September 30, 2021, failing which he/she shall be de-registered.
  • Candidate having compartment in any subject will not be considered.
  • Having work experience is not a requirement for admission to the program.
  • Admission to the MBA program at Chitkara Business School is based on merit ranking in CAT / MAT / NMAT / XAT / CMAT Score, followed by group discussions and personal interview. Applicants who have not taken any of the above mentioned entrance exams shall have to take Chitkara University Test with group discussions and personal interview. Decision of the selection committee will be final.
Semester I Rs. 1,10,000
ERP Fee^ Rs. 10,000
CAS^^ Rs. 30,000
Semester II Rs. 1,50,000
Semester III Rs. 1,50,000
Semester IV † Rs. 1,50,000

^ERP Fee only at the time of admission
^^CAS Career Advancement Services Fee only at the time of admission
†Rs. 2,500/- towards alumni services has to be paid with the last installment

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