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Chitkara University receives Takshila Award during the 3AI Pinnacle Awards 2022

12th Jul 2022

Chitkara University has received the ‘Takshila Award’ for exceptional performance in imparting innovative and topical programs related to AI, Analytics and Data Sciences during the 3AI Pinnacle Awards 2022. There were 228 nominations from Academic institutions and EdTech firms across the country. Dr. Devesh Bathla, Associate Professor, Chitkara Business School, was accorded the ‘President Award’ for his academic contribution and student mentoring in the field of Analytics. Furthermore, recently graduated alumni of MBA (Business Analytics) Aridaman Singh Sethi received the ‘AI & Analytics Rising Star Award’ while two of our students Rishabh Kumar and Rakshit Jadon bagged the ‘Student Of The Year Award’ for their exceptional work in the field of AI & Analytics.

3AI’s mission critical endeavour is to grow, scale & elevate AI & Analytics community by recognizing the diligence and dedication and significant efforts of the involved community. The 3AI Pinnacle Awards 2022 honoured a select group of leaders, professionals, students, businesses, startups, and academic institutions across a variety of award categories for their substantial accomplishments in the art of using AI and analytics to address big, difficult, and unsolved challenges. The 3AI Pinnacle Awards 2022 sets the new template to recognize AI & Analytics Industry & Academia & Looks at building & scaling AI & Analytics community & showcase the best of the work engagement.

In the past years, 3AI has delivered 90+ weekly knowledge insights sessions (75+ leaders representation), 40 bespoke AI roundtable sessions (150+ leaders coverage), 50+ expert talks and masterclass sessions, along with 7 large-scale and holistic events: U3, QUAD, STORM, E3xR3, Spectre, Technology Never Dies & Epiphany with an aggregated attendance of over 2,000 leaders in AI, analytics, and data science. Additionally, 3AI works closely with 125+ academic institutions, which has an access coverage of 2,00,000 students and has established relationships with 5000+ notable C-suite professionals (AI & Analytics leaders, CIOs, CDOs, CAOs, CHROs, and CMOs).

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