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Specialisation in Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Corporate Finance & Wealth Management

After the completion of the 1st Year of Finance & Banking, students will have the option to pursue a specialisation in Investment Banking, Corporate Finance & Wealth Management. The specialisation is aimed at students who want to get an in-depth understanding of the Financial world. Study of Management fundamentals complimented with training in several Financial Consulting Projects is an integral part of the program, and equips graduates with professional and critical thinking skills in the areas of Investment Banking, Private Equity, Corporate Banking and Financial Advisory.

  • Overview of Financial Statements
  • Profit Metrics Ratios Introduction
  • Revenue Modeling
  • Modeling Capex
  • Modeling Interest Expenses
  • Taxation Overview
  • Modeling Current Tax & Deferred Tax
  • Overview of fx, Risk & Hedging
  • Basic vs Diluted EPS
  • Identifying Dilutive EPS & Modeling
  • Dividend Decisions & Modeling
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Valuation Challenges | Dilution Analysis
  • Trade & Transaction Comparable
  • Private Equity – Overview | Deal Structuring
  • Leveraged Buy Out – Modeling Pay-in & Pay-outs in LBO
  • Pitch Book Essentials
  • Project Financing – Funding options for Project Finance | Structuring Project Finance Transaction Project Cash Flows vs Equity Cash Flows | Basic Approaches to Valuation | Relative Valuation | DCF Transaction Computation | DCF Valuation Sensitivity Analysis

Graduates looking to get into the Investment Markets can find work either as a Financial Trader or Investment Analyst. Financial Traders are in thick of the Financial Markets, buying and selling investment instruments per the client’s instruction and/or investment interest. Graduates with a flair of the analytical kind will thrive as Investment Analysts. Here, instead of trading “on the floor” for your clients, you will conduct extensive analysis of financial vehicles for your clients, who are Fund Managers overseeing Pension Funds, Hedge Funds, Life Assurance Companies, Investment Trusts, Unit Trusts, Banks and major corporations and so on. These managers rely on your analytical prowess to guide them in making the daily financial decisions within the funds.

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