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Chitkara University and NGS India Forge Energy Management Education Alliance

30th Sep 2023

Chitkara University has taken a significant step towards fostering excellence in energy management education and academic mentorship by signing a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the Natural Gas Society, India (NGS India). The LOI outlines the collaborative efforts of the two entities to explore the feasibility of a joint energy management program and skilling opportunities; aimed at enhancing knowledge and expertise in the energy sector.

The signing took place at the GAIL Training Institute, Noida, where Dr. D.V. Shastry, Executive Director of NGS India and Former ED of GAIL, along with Mr. V. C. Chittoda, Senior Consultant at NGS India, represented the Society. Representing Chitkara University were Dr. Sandhir Sharma, Pro Vice Chancellor, Chitkara Business School (CBS), and Dr. Dhiresh Kukshreshtha, Dean of Economics at CBS.

The collaboration is poised to offer a wealth of benefits to students, professionals, and the industry at large. This partnership between Chitkara University and NGS India will focus on a range of activities, including interactive sessions, specialised training, industry events, and joint programs in the energy domain, with a particular emphasis on Hydrocarbon and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

One of the distinguishing features of this collaboration is the involvement of prominent energy industry players such as GAIL, IOCL, BP, HP, and Reliance, who will contribute their expertise and support to the joint initiatives. This support from industry giants will undoubtedly elevate the quality and practical relevance of the energy management program and mentorship opportunities.

This collaboration aligns with the university’s vision of providing students with real-world exposure and industry-relevant skills. The partnership will open doors to exciting opportunities for both students and professionals in the energy sector.
The signing of the LOI marks the beginning of a collaborative journey that holds the potential to transform energy education and nurture a skilled workforce for the energy industry. As the partnership between Chitkara University and NGS India unfolds, it will contribute significantly to the growth and advancement of the energy sector in India.

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