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Chitkara Business School to organize a workshop in collaboration with IIT Roorkee

Chitkara Business School in collaboration with IIT Roorkee is organizing a 2-day workshop on November 1st and 2nd followed by a student competition on November 10th. Key topics like – 1. How Design Thinking is important for a Sustainable Environment? 2. Connecting Innovation and Creativity to Design Thinking 3. How to file an Indian Design Patent? 4. Building Start-Up Ideas Through Innovation & Creativity, and 5. Connecting Innovation and Creativity to Patent Filing & Startups will be covered by eminent speakers like Dr. Ajit Nigam, Chief Executive Officer, NIFT foundation for Design Innovation, Dr. Rajat Aggarwal, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, Mr. Tarun Pant, Chief Executive Officer, ADIMANTAR Group.

Having mentioned that, in modern times, innovation and intellectual property have emerged as the new wealth of the nations. It represents a bundle of exclusive entitlements given to a creator who develops ideas, concepts, products, and expressions in industrial, scientific, literary, and artistic fields. Intellectual property does not protect the physical object that went into creation but protects the intellectual creation that underlies the physical object.

As a result of large unfamiliarity with innovation and intellectual property rights, we, as a community, run the risk of losing opportunities to transform newly developed knowledge into property and exploit economic benefit therefrom.

Henceforth, the central theme of this workshop endeavors to sensitize the participants about the potential intellectual property they often create by acquainting them with the basics of design patents. Along with this, students would get to learn how designs can be used to identify the best out of waste for a better sustainable environment.

The first day of the workshop will familiarize the participants with the importance of design thinking for sustainable development and how designs can be used to better recycle and reuse waste products. The second day will acquaint the participants with the need and scope of patents and startups, as well as the ways and means for obtaining and enforcing them. At the end of the day, the participants will be in a position to identify the inventions and expressions capable of being protected under patent regimes. The workshop will introduce the participants to the intricate policy considerations underlying intellectual property. The deliberations of the second day will sketch the outline of the doctrinaire and structural framework of intellectual property jurisprudence in the days to come.

A one-week window will be given to interested participants who want to submit their ideas for filing the Design Patent process as per University guidelines and/or creating ‘Best out of waste’ in a sustainable manner and showcase their products for exhibition cum sale as per the university guidelines. Winning students will be awarded cash prizes as a token of motivation and the spirit to innovate. In order to register for the workshop the students can visit the following link and make the required payment:

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