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Centers of Excellence

At Chitkara Business School, we continue to reimagine Marketing by closely following the evolving marketing strategies and incorporating the latest global trends in our business curriculum, coupled with a strong industry participation to stay ahead of the curve.

Centre of Analytics & Data Excellence

Centre Of Analytics & Data Excellence (COADE) at Chitkara University is a centre of excellence in Business Analytics and Data Science. COADE is a Centre of Excellence (COE) with a vision of being a thought leadership, expertise and knowledge centre for Analytics and Big Data. Chitkara University is one of the first institution in the region to venture into a full time MBA and BBA program in Business Analytics and a B.Tech. program into Data Sciences. Housed at Chitkara University (Punjab campus), COADE is a dedicated research and training hub to support interdisciplinary empirical research using data on Indian and other emerging markets.

With data being considered as the new ‘oil’, organisations rely heavily on building capabilities to generate, process and manage data by integrating disparate systems and applications. Our established academia-industry collaboration with market leaders like SAS, Ernst & Young, Imarticus Learning, 3AI to mention a few; fuels COADE with proven industry expertise and capabilities to help organisations transform analytically, by helping them calibrate their analytics and data (A&D) strategy through assessing analytical maturity, mapping requirements, aligning change management and creating the roadmap. Graduates from our programs are serving organizations among the Big 4 Audit Firms, Global Intelligence & Analytics Consulting, Global Business Research and Analytics Services, Global Market Research Firms, and more.

  • Rolled our certification courses on HR analytics, Healthcare analytics, Data visualization, Predictive modeling, and more
  • Memorandum of understanding with leading corporates
  • Conducted workshops, FDPs, MDPs to discuss solutions
  • Collaborative research in the areas of Artifcial Intelligence, Patter, Recognition Techniques and Machine learning

Human Capital Research Centre

CXOs NextGen COE in Finance

Investment Banking, Corporate Finance and Wealth Management

CXOs NextGen Initiative which started as a Centre of Excellence has today taken the shape of a Very Large MOVEMENT. Presently over 3000 Very Senior Industry Leaders from Reputed Consultancy Firms including Big 4s such as PwC, EY, Deloitte, KPMG, etc; Corporates including Volvo, Mahindra, Maruti, Wipro, Thermofisher, Hero, Flipkart, etc; Investment Banks & Rating Companies including Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, CITCO, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, Crisil, Moodys, etc; Banks & Financial Institutions including HDFC Bank, Citi Bank, ICICI Bank, etc form a part of this MOVEMENT.

This MOVEMENT is aimed to bridge the long existent Industry-Academia gap by bringing in Industry Experts to Educate, Groom and Handhold students for LIFE, to transform them into either Job Capable or Entrepreneurs equipped with cutting edge skills.

The First Initiative under this MOVEMENT started with India’s First & Only MBA Program in Banking & Finance with Specializations in Investment Banking, Corporate Finance & Wealth Management (thereby covering All Domains of Modern Age Finance) to create Finance Leaders of Tomorrow.

Some of the worth Noting features of this MBA Program are:

  • The MBA Program is EXCLUSIVELY & TOTALLY designed, driven, delivered, and nurtured by Only Senior Industry Leaders who are known as CXOs (such as CFOs, CEOs, etc).
  • This is Country’s Only MBA in Finance which covers all exclusive domains of Finance namely Investment Banking, Corporate Finance & Wealth Management. It also has the best Subjects from Professional Courses including CFA (USA) & CA (India).
  • The MBA Program has all subjects that are Industry-required & hence are delivered by only CXOs. In the First Year of the MBA Program, the Students are taught by Industry Leaders practically in Classrooms & then in the Second Year of the MBA Program it is followed up with Full Year Training at their Industries for hands-on practical experience before being finally Placed by such Industry Leaders.
  • Only chosen few Students who aspire to be different from the herd are chosen to be a part of this MBA Program. It’s not only the CGPAs that matter to get shortlisted in this Program but also other Life Skills, Values & Passion which are demanded by the Industry.
  • You shall become an integrated part of Top, 20,000 Industry Professionals, across the Globe once you are absorbed into this Program.
  • All our students get placed in well-Reputed Organizations and are satisfied & growing well as Experts of their fields.

A reputed name in the Financial World, CA (Dr) Aman Chugh brought together these all Very Senior Industry Leaders to form this CXOs NextGen Initiative/Movement. He aspires to expand the CXOs NextGen MOVEMENT from this MBA Program further down to Graduation & School level so as to identify the Talent at an early age to make CXOs of Tomorrow from the Generation of Today namely CXOs NextGen.

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