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Chitkara University and Moonraft Innovation Labs Forge Transformative Academic Partnership

30th Sep 2023

Moonraft Innovation Labs

Chitkara University, in a strategic move towards excellence, has entered into an academic partnership with Moonraft Innovation Labs, a subsidiary of UST. This collaboration is formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that sets the stage for a series of enlightening Design and Innovation workshops exclusively for students at the Chitkara Design School.

The MoU was signed with the shared vision of enhancing the educational experience and practical knowledge of students by exposing them to the latest industry practices. Under the umbrella of this partnership, Moonraft Innovation Labs will conduct monthly workshops that delve into diverse subjects integral to design and innovation. Topics covered will include user research and its practical applications, heuristic evaluation, ideation techniques, design intervention convergence, creation of design kits, formulation of visual strategies, effective packaging and delivery mechanisms, as well as comprehensive project planning and execution methodologies.

Chitkara University acknowledges the pivotal role that Moonraft Innovation Labs will play in elevating the learning curve for its students. Furthermore, as an exciting addition to this collaboration, Moonraft will contribute jury members to participate in the evaluation processes for 3rd and 4th year students’ projects. This infusion of industry expertise will undoubtedly enrich the students’ understanding of real-world expectations and trends.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this partnership is Moonraft’s commitment to provide select students with one-year internships as part of their renowned Onwards Program. This opportunity will allow students to put theory into practice within a professional setting, gaining hands-on experience and honing their skills under the mentorship of seasoned industry experts.

The signing event for the MoU was graced by prominent figures from both institutions. In attendance were Smitha Malavalli Suryaprakash, President, Moonraft Innovation Labs; Nihal Pimpale, Chief Design Officer, Moonraft Innovation Labs, Konark Hareshkumar Ashara, Director Design Operations, Moonraft Innovation Labs, Prof. Gopal Meena, Vice President, Strategy Initiatives, Chitkara University and Shivani Saini, Director, Career Advancement Services, Chitkara University.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Prof. Gopal Meena stated, “This partnership signifies a crucial step towards nurturing a generation of creative thinkers and innovators. By collaborating with Moonraft Innovation Labs, we are equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences that are essential for success in today’s dynamic professional landscape.”

Shivani Saini shared, “Chitkara University is dedicated to empowering students with holistic education that transcends the classroom. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to fostering industry connections and promoting practical learning.”

Both institutions are excited to witness the evolution of this partnership and the myriad opportunities it will unlock for the students of Chitkara Design School. With Moonraft Innovation Labs’ industry leadership and Chitkara University’s academic excellence, this collaboration promises a transformative journey for the students, carving a pathway to innovation and success.

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