With Educational Institutions


Educational Institutions are trapped in a vicious circle of attractive new admissions and getting their students placed in the Corporate world every year. They have been facing such challenges for quite few years now and believe that the future of Indian economy shall create more job opportunities which shall make their lives easier.
However the truth is that the kind of jobs which New India would create, the students are not taught any one of such domain subjects with practical inputs.

Being connected to various Corporates, Organisations, Forums, we have realized that the practical insights into the theoretically taught subjects in the domain of Finance is the need of the hour to create an effective workforce.

Present State of the World & Job Opportunities lying ahead

It is quite a known fact now that out of USD 60 Trillion worth of World Economy, approximately USD 35 Trillion (USA, Europe, UK, Japan) is either suffering depression, recession or slow down. Another USD 7-12 Trillion is yet to move to the developing curve (which majorly includes African nations). Presently there are approximately 700 Degree Granting Institutions & 35500 Affiliated Colleges. However every year, more than 20 Million students get enrolled.

Hence in the times to come, with rapid increase in population, it would only be possible to find out the following jobs :

  • In Skilled specialized areas- such as Plumbing, Gardening, Driving, Mechanics, Repairs, Electrician
  • In Incentive driven sales profiles- which means people shall be hired at nominal fixed salaries and overly dependent upon high variable incentives on fetching the business for their respective organizations. In fact, we can already see the same from the type of profiles and salary packages being offered by Insurance companies, Banking Institutions’ or allied industries.
  • In Intelligentsia profiles- which means people who shall have unparallel knowledge on unique or upcoming areas shall be able to command the tag of Job Capables rather than Job Seekers.

Need of the Hour

We strongly believe that the two most important component to become successful either as an Entrepreneur or as an employee are: “gyaan” : Practical, unique and relevant knowledge and “jaanpehchaan” : long lasting networking which happens from superior knowledge.

Hence, students graduating from colleges should be confident of

  • Either becoming Job Capables as Sales Musketeers (Only possible if they have Gyaan to value add to the customers to build jaanpehchaan)
  • Or becoming Job Capables as Intelligentia (Only possible if they have Gyaan to value add to the Customers to build jaanpehchaan)
  • Or becoming Entrepreneurs (Only possible if they possess a judicious blend of Gyaan and Jaanpehchaan)

Upcoming Trend in India

Honble Prime Minister of India, Sh Narendra Modi has a vision and mission of “Make in India”. Make in India is only possible if Corporates & SMEs have easy & quick access to new age structured finance and expertise in managing such structured finance. Such Finance penetration is incomplete without the participation of foreign investors and hedge funds and such Motto of Make in India is also of no significance unless more Global players come and make in India. This would in turn lead to more imports, exports and higher exposure to foreign currency and its volatility on one hand and more vibrations in Indian equity market on the other.

Hence Modiji’s vision shall lead to growing opportunities and challenges. This means that the either of the following is required on the part of the students of current and future generation:

  • Get trained effectively to appear & pass theoretical best professional degrees which is CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst USA).
  • At least get trained effectively to have knowledge on all the subject modules of CFA.
  • Get trained practically on Financial Markets by undergoing training modules on Derivatives & Technical Analysis.
  • Get trained practically on Finance Domain by undergoing various training modules within Investment Banking program.

What Can Educational Institutes Do?

Educational Institutes can enter into joint collaborations with CFEC to train and educate their Institute’s students on the above learning modules. This would help in better placements for the students and also would help in building up the Institute’s reputation.