Edge being a Derivative and Technical analyst


Live Wire of Finance

  • Derivatives & Technical Analyst learning and application happens with live and real world of Financial Markets, making them more dynamic & interesting
  • They majorly comprise of interesting subjects wherein even research about the markets becomes interesting because of its dynamism and ever changing.

Actual & Notional Markets

  • Volume traded in derivatives market is humungous as compared to cash market all over the globe which means such Notional (Derivative) markets daily affects the real economy.
  • Such large volumes traded in Notional (Derivative) markets as compared to the actual (Cash) markets leads to over dependence on price discovery and future views on such Notional markets. Hence the prices of various underlying in cash markets are majorly decided by Derivatives markets.

Astrologer of Financial Markets

  • Since the financial derivatives markets majorly decide the cash markets prices, it is quite important for each one of us to at least learn and try to frame a fair view about the future trend of the financial markets.
  • Technical Analysis helps in identifying the views about such future trends.
  • Anyone who tries to predict the future trends of anything in scientific manner, commands better respect in the society.

Vast Markets, Handful knowledgeable Professionals

  • There are only a handful number of knowledgeable professionals in this field; which means there is a huge scope for the new generation to explore this opportunity.
  • In fact, a lot many professionals who claim to be knowledgeable also imitate the views/studies made by others.

Entrepreneur Program

  • As the entrepreneur surge has skyrocketed in the recent years, a lot many educational institutes have been working on designing various programs to produce entrepreneurs. However such programs only revolve around advantages of becoming entrepreneurs, rather than training them to become entrepreneurs.
  • Derivative and Technical Analysis provides opportunities to young entrepreneurs to take up such profile full time as entrepreneurs by becoming Portfolio Advisors, Researchers, Trainers, Own Funds Manager.

Risk Management/Hedging expert

  • It provides you with the opportunity to be an expert in risk management by employing suitable hedging techniques through varied products of Derivatives for huge portfolios on varied underlyings.
  • Becoming a Risk management expert for big Clients and Corporates as a consultant is a dream come true profile for any.

Future of India

With the advancement of financial markets in India in recent years and in years to come, our financial markets will need a plethora of people to run and manage the financial system. The job market in this sector will boom exponentially as our markets innovate.

Respect & Command

  • The kind of respect and command which one achieves in such type of profile in unmatchable.

Recognition around the Globe

Respected Worldwide

Technical analysis is respected and practiced worldwide. Opportunities for the derivative and technical analysts exist all around the globe. Technical analysis provides the tools and techniques to successfully navigate the persistent gaps between intrinsic value and market price across all asset classes by focusing on market dynamics and supply and demand in the market. Derivative analysis helps in price discovery in the markets. It also distinguishes you by employing skills and insights transferrable across all liquid global markets and asset classes. Technical analysis allows investment professionals to read prices, quantify risks and adjust allocations in any asset class along any investment horizon.

Graceful Salaries

The salaries paid to the technical analysts are one of the highest in the industry. Below is an excerpt from www.payscale.com showing the salary range for analysts across US markets.

  • The average salary for a financial analyst in the United States is $56,000 and the median is $55,100, as of September 2014, according to salary information website, PayScale.
  • Salaries range between $40,571 to $75,870. Financial analysts also receive compensation in the form of bonuses, profit sharing and commission.

Major Employers & Profiles

The Major employers in the Indian market on category basis are:

Major Banks

ICICI Bank IndusInd Bank
HDFC Bank Yes Bank
Bank of Baroda Societe Generale
Standard Chartered Bank Royal Bank of Scotland
Axis Bank American Express

Investment Banks

Bank of America Citibank
Barclays Capital Credit Suisse
BNP Paribas Deutsche Bank


Sutherland Global Services Copal Partners
Transparent Value India Evalueserve
Aranca Smart Analyst
Integreon McKc (Mckinsey Knowledge Centre)
Boston Analytics The Smart Cube
TresVista RocSearch
Axience Cians Analytics
Grail Research

Brokerage Houses

Edelweiss Kotak securities Limited
Indiabulls securities India Infioline services
Sharekhan Limited HDFC Securities
Angel broking Limited ICICI direct
Reliance Money Bajaj Capital



And variety of mutual funds, corporates, Hedge funds, Private equity firms, merchant Bankers etc. hire Derivative and Technical Analysts.

Majority of the Profiles in India for Derivative and Technical Analysts are:

Sell Side

  • In Research/Advisory/Trading/Prop Trading Departments of Banks/FIs
  • In Research/Advisory/Trading/Prop Trading Departments of Institutional Brokers/Retail Brokers/Sub Brokers
  • In Research/Advisory/Trading/Prop Trading Departments of Mutual Funds

Buy Side

  • To manage the funds of Portfolio Management Companies

Advisory Side

  • Independent Research Houses
  • Risk Advisory Departments of Advisory Firms including Big 4s
  • Research/Advisory Departments of Brokers/Sub Brokers/Hedge Funds/Portfolio Management Companies

Start your own/Entrepreneur

  • Become a Technical Chart Trader and Portfolio Manager for many
  • Become a Prop Trader & Manage your own Portfolio
  • Become a Trainer/Blogger/Newsletter or research reports writer