Investment Banking FAQ

Q. When would the classes be conducted?

The Classes would be conducted every Saturday and Sunday

Q. What would be the duration of the classes?

The duration of the classes would be 300-320 hours or 2.5 to 3 months

Q. Would I be given a certificate?

On successful completion of the course and the relevant assessments, you would be awarded a certificate.

Q. Does CFEC guarantee placement?

We do not guarantee placements, however on successful completion of course we would arrange for interview opportunities according to the market conditions of that time in which the sole responsibility to perform would be yours.

Q. What are the carrier opportunities that would open to me after pursuing this course?

A world of endless possibilities would open to you after you pursue and successfully complete the course, you can get a job in Top Investment Banking firms, Brokerage Houses, Boutique firms, small and large cap Companies

Q. How much would be the fees?

The fees for the complete program as well as individual modules will be updated soon. For regular updates please register at this link.

Q. Would there be an exam?

There would be continuous assessments which would be held after each module and after completion of the complete course a project has to be prepared by the student.