Technical Analysis with us

Our Offerings

We offer a unique blend of Classroom, Virtual & Corporate interactive based trainings on Derivatives (Equity, Currency & Others), Technical Analysis and Risk Management Strategies. MarketConnected team has developed proprietary techniques & unique broadcasts on Derivatives, Technical Analysis & Risk Management as follows:

  • The founders of MarketConnected have had rich experience in working on such domain with reputed Corporates handling large portfolios and exposures of reputed Corporates.
  • Based on the above learnings, MarketConnected has developed patent Technical Analysis Techniques titled “CANDO” encompassing the best blend of chosen technical charting techniques. Such techniques have been back tested on various underlyings for the last few years and have generated excellent results.
  • Further to the above, the Founders have also developed a unique Model titled as “The Trend Following Turtle Model” which has two main arms. One of the arms titled as “Turtle Trend Recognition System” (TTRS) helps in identifying the trend in an underlying to generate higher returns when the underlying is in trend and at the same time avoid market participations when the underlying is in consolidation. Another arm titled as “Turtle Advanced Risk Management System” (TARMS) is an advanced creation of the Founders of MarketConnected which helps in managing Portfolios on known levels of risk and generates high and effective returns at a given level of risk. Both the arms have been backtested thoroughly on varied underlyings and have generated wonderful returns for various participants who have undergone such trainings.

Style Statements about The Trend Following Turtle Model

Investors / Traders have preference for either going long or Short i.e. Bulls / Bears. Bulls suffer when market goes down and Bears suffer when market goes up. However, we follow the trend and ride the trend in Turtle style. All our services integrate the “Trend Following Turtle” style.

Few statements below would help you understand the core foundations of “Trend Following Turtle” style.

  • Markets are zero sum game: More than 90 % people lose and less than 10% make
  • Things that work best are RULES and things that don’t work in trading is JUDGEMENT
  • Trend Traders don’t expect to be right every time
  • No one can master Fundamental Analysis / Financial Analysis 100%
  • Do not let emotions guide your decisions
  • Be consistent in your techniques
  • Judge yourself not by the outcomes, but by your processes
  • Don‘t try to predict how long a trend would either go up or down ie Don’t Predict the Peaks and the Bottoms
  • Measure volatility before entering
  • It’s not about frequency of how correct you are. It’s about magnitude of how correct you are.
  • Follow the TREND as “Trend is your Friend”.
  • Don‘t be eager to book profits when trade is in your favor but rather ACCUMULATE more.

Our Edge

Strong Product Understanding- Unparallel Knowledge (Gyaan)

  • We bring in with us an unparallel experience of over a decade in Foreign Exchange & Interest Rate Derivatives having worked in Treasuries of MNC Banks and in Advisory profiles with Big 4s.
  • We are the first authors on First Practical Book on Financial Derivatives named Financial Derivatives “The Currency & Rates Factor” published by Pearson.
  • We have excellent reviews on the Book from Ministry of Finance, RBI, Reliance, Indian Oil, L&T, Maruti Suzuki and others.
  • We have been also working currently in designing Specific Trainings courses on such domain for RBI Senior Management Staff and Banks/FI/Corporates.

Hands on practical exposure/ experience with Brands- Unparallel Exposure/Experience (Gyaan Kahan)

  • We have incorporated the World’s best practices which we have learnt in our Global Markets & International Experience working with Brands which include PWC, KPMG, Ernst Young (Dubai), GE (USA & India), and ICICI Bank, Aditya Birla Group.
  • We have rare experience of trading over the counter derivatives while working in Treasury departments of MNC Banks in both vanilla & exotic derivative products during pre-financial crisis and post financial crisis of 2009. We assign high importance to concept of value at risk and have designed a robust Risk Management framework under “Trend Following Turtle” style.
  • Huge exposure on varied fields including Investment Banking, M&As and Valuations, Corporate Banking & Trade services, Portfolio Advisory & Risk Management-Technical & Fundamental Analysis, Treasury dealing & Derivatives (Including Currency, Interest Rate, Equity & Commodity Derivatives) with reputed Brands handling Large MNCs & Corporates.

Associations & Links -Unparallel Networking (Jaanpehchaan)

  • We have handled the Corporates ranging from MSMEs to MNCs in our experiences with the reputed most brands.
  • We are connected to Finance Sector Professionals, which ensures that our knowledge stays updated continuously with practical need and information.
  • We are associated with many influential people who decide/influence the future of the markets.
  • Checkout on our associations on website.

Additional Edge

  • Have huge experience & expertise in using advanced softwares & interpret advanced technical analysis system whilst working with eminent brands and taking positions on behalf of large corporates.
  • Have huge experience in delivering training sessions at reputed Universities & Institutions and Corporates.
  • Provide Virtual Trading and Corporate Interactions to the participants for hands on experience on classroom trainings.
  • Unlike other trainers, we run trainings on Sundays with working days as gaps so that participants can apply their learnings during the weekdays and come back with their doubts and queries.
  • Indexes are incomparable in the market and equally incomparable is the delivery style.
  • Have a vision to produce entrepreneurs who undergo such trainings with us.
  • Handholding to the participants for certain by way of complementary access to our market reports (Turtle Trend Broadcasts) and back office support.