CFA training with us

Our Offerings

Comprehensive Coaching

  • Covers entire syllabus for all Levels of the CFA®program
  • All the faculties involved in training the candidates for CFA are seasoned Investment bankers, CFA or CA
  • Key concepts and problems shall be discussed in each class
  • Candidates are taught in a manner so that they will learn and understand the concepts within the class
  • Interactive and collaborative environment
  • Contact classes on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Class handouts and notes which focus on key points shall be provided
  • Topic wise mock tests with feedback for improvement
  • Full length offline tests – Detailed analysis and comparison.

Exam Passing Strategy (PALS)

PALS stands for Proactive Assessment Learning System. PALS is a uniquely designed concept of testing the students during as well as after the class. Proactive assessment has the advantage of developing problem solving skill in the simulated CFA examination environment. It helps to reduce anxiety and develops the confidence in the candidate to face the final examination in a much more prepared way.

PALS also helps in creating a strong foundation about the concepts as more and more problem solving involuntarily helps clarifying concepts and helps in memorizing concepts for longer duration.

Under PALS we suggest to follow the below mentioned guidelines to pass CFA Exam in the first attempt

  • The CFA Institute recommends 250 hours of preparation – In our view you would need around 300 -350 hours for preparation
  • 10 – 12 hours of study per week is the minimum requirement
  • Identification of strength and weak area topics by weight
  • Master the area that caries higher weight and excel in easy topics
  • Focus on what the instructor is stressing, read the concepts
  • Get your doubts cleared in class – no question is silly; ask questions any number of times
  • Work as a team to understand the difficult and tricky areas
  • Understand clearly the concepts and their application to problem solving
  • Without solving questions, it is very difficult to pass CFA
  • Take three offline tests to ensure that you are geared for the grueling six hours
  • Take the CFA mock exam paper

Foundation Course Advantages and Schedule

Foundation Course for Students:

  • For students registering for June 2016, we would be conducting preparatory classes and tests in the months of September, October, November and December in 2015.
  • They shall also be eligible to sit in regular classes and tests starting from January 2016.
  • Starting early shall increase the probability of building strong conceptual base and the chances of cracking the CFA exams in their first attempt are better.
  • Students registering with us early can avail these classes at bare minimum costs.

Note: These classes are in addition to the classes which will be provided with regular batch starting January 2016

Foundation Classroom Structure

Month Date Subject Hours Test Schedule
September 2015 06 Introductory session 4
September 2015 12 – 13 Derivative Management 8
20 Derivative Management 2 Class test 1 (40 Questions)
26 – 27 Fixed Income 8
October 2015 04 Fixed Income 2 Class test 2 (40 Questions)
10 -11 FRA 8
18 FRA 2 Class test 3 (40 Questions)
24 – 25 Ethics 8
November 2105 01 Ethics 2 Class test 4 (40 Questions)
07-08 Alternative Investments 8
15 Alternative Investments 2 Class test 5 (40 Questions)

Regular Classroom Training structure

Topics Weights Classroom Hours No. of Classes
Ethics/ Professional Standards 15% 8 2
Quantitative Methods 12% 16 4
Economics 10% 16 4
Financial Statements Analysis 20% 16 4
Corporate Finance 7% 8 2
Equity Analysis 10% 16 4
Fixed Income 10% 16 4
Derivatives 5% 8 2
Alternative Investments 4% 4 1
Portfolio Management 7% 8 2
Problem Solving/Doubt Clearing 8 2
13 Topic Level Tests 13
3 Full Length Tests 9
Total 146 31

Regular Class Schedule

Month Date Subject Hours Test Schedule
January 2016 30 – 31 Quantitative Techniques 8
February 2016 06 – 07 Quantitative Techniques 8 Class test 1 (40 Questions)
13 – 14 Financial Reporting and Analysis 8 Class test 2 (40 Questions)
20 – 21 Financial Reporting and Analysis 8 Class test 3 (40 Questions)
27 – 28 Equity 8 Class test 4 (40 Questions)
March 2016 05 – 06 Equity 8 Class test 5 (40 Questions)
12 -13 Economics 8 Class test 6 (40 Questions)
19 Economics 4
20 Alternative Investments 4 Class test 7 (40 Questions)
26-27 Portfolio Management 8 Class test 8 (40 Questions)
April 2106 02 -03 Ethics 8 Class test 9 (40 Questions)
09-10 Fixed Income 8 Class test 10 (40 Questions)
16-17 Fixed Income 8 Class test 11 (40 Questions)
23 – 24 Corporate Finance 8 Class test 12 (40 Questions)
30 Derivatives 4
May 2016 01 Derivatives 4 Class test 13 (40 Questions)
07 – 08 Doubt Session 8
14- 21-28 Full Length Test

Our Fees Structure

  • Typical CFA program coaching runs for three and half month. However, to give an extra edge to the candidates in concept clarity and for a more vibrant result, we shall be teaching the students (Our First Batch) for a span of 7 months.
  • We shall be conducting classes as well as tests on regular basis to build up a strong foundation for the students.
  • Since our Knowledge Delivery Partner-MarketConnected after their success in Delhi-NCR region, are launching the CFA Coaching in this area for the first time, they have plans to build up a reputation for which such extra classes have been planned.
  • The fees for our CFA coaching Program is INR 35000 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Note:This fees is for coaching classes and separate from the fees a candidate would pay for EXAM registration to CFA institute


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