With Brokers/Sub Brokers

With the massive growth in Financial Markets, competition amongst Brokers/sub brokers has also been increasing every day. Every client views his broker/sub broker as an Advisor to his Investment & Portfolios. The massive flow of information in todays world does not create an edge for any one of them and everyone in the market each day passes on the same views and news to each one of their customer base. In addition to an early access to high profile information, one should also have right skill sets to interpret such information to advise to their clients.

CFEC contributes in the following unique ways:

  • CFEC’s Knowledge Delivery Partner-MarketConnected has developed a specific Portfolio Model named as MarketConnected’s“ The Trend Following Turtle Model”on which CFEC undertakes training and handholding programs to the brokers/sub brokers team.
  • CA Aman Chugh, having gained immense experience in Foreign Exchange Derivatives, also helps/trains the Brokers/Sub brokers to cater to such markets as well. Foreign Exchange Derivatives contributes to almost 80% of the daily Derivative Markets and affects other underlying derivatives markets. Moreover such area has been growing by leaps & bounds and only a handful of people have core knowledge in such area.
  • CFEC also collaborates with Brokers/Sub Brokers in getting them the right kind of resource who is specifically trained with us and also run specific training modules on behalf of such brokers/sub brokers to meet their hiring needs.