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Our Bachelor of Fine Arts program has been devised for young minds who have a knack for creativity and want to refine their creative skills and expand their knowledge. As a part of the program, you will learn of classic as well as contemporary creative styles while getting to discover your area of expertise.


The program will promote the development of artistic skills, the expression of creative processes, and an informed awareness of how art practice intersects with current visual, cultural and societal concerns. You will gain a strong foundation in traditional art forms including drawing, painting and sculpture, with extensive explorations in video, installation, performance, photography and digital imaging.


Fine Arts is a field for those who really enjoy creating & imagining, and are interested in making a career in visual or performing arts. Graduates can explore the following roles:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Illustrator
  • Advertising Professional
  • Multimedia Developer
  • Visualiser

Some of the basic areas covered in this program are:

  • Illustrating the nature and principal concepts of Design in Commercial Art.
  • Studying the relationships between consumer and design by understanding the existing psychology, circumstance and needs of society.
  • Interpreting and exemplifying assignments to get the knowledge of visual communication in advertising design, and positive impact of visualization for creating brand image through different media.
  • Focus on Painting, Sculpture and Applied Arts.

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