Why banking is the perfect career choice for Engineers?

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Banking as a profession and as a career choice is a very wholesome option in itself. A job in the banking sector gives people long-term job satisfaction and maybe this is the reason that there is no end to the number of youngsters who want to enter the banking sector.

No matter whether it’s a private bank or government, a great career progression is guaranteed in this line. The Indian economy is flourishing as of now owing to which the banking sector is also witnessing significant and organized growth. Now, when the sector is booming like this, finding a career opportunity here can never be the wrong choice.

Combining banking and Engineering may seem abrupt if you are hearing it for the first time but there are a lot of individuals who have made a career choice to merge both and the results are constructive.

A job in the banking sector has technicalities like mobile banking, ATM, internet banking, and card management system. Engineers usually have a strong technical background and they understand software very quickly which is why they are proving themselves very efficient in this field.

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Here are more reasons why moving into banking after completing your engineering is a win-win option-

Career switch

In India, a common story is shared between thousands of students that they tend to opt for engineering because either they are either good at science or out of peer pressure. Since the drive of becoming an engineer was not very natural, sooner or later they realize that they don’t belong to the field and hence look for a switch. Banking is the best option in such a situation which will give you a lucrative outcome. Banking offer worldwide job opportunity to skilled individuals and when you are getting a career switch opportunity as good as your old one, why would you not go for it?

Various sub-categories

After engineering, if you wish to pursue a career in banking and you don’t want your job to be typical, it is not a matter to worry anymore as there is a variety of sub-options to explore in this line. You can make a choice whether you want to work in the private or public sector. You can even choose to acquire a degree in the field to enhance your knowledge and for career growth in a specified area. Here are a few most popular options that you can choose to work as a professional-

  • Agriculture Field Officer
  • Investment Banker
  • IT Officer
  • Chief Financial Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Certified Public Accountant

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Job security

For any individual who is into a job profile the most important thing for him is job security. Anyone who is giving a significant amount of his time into a profession would expect that he doesn’t have to worry about the future. Money being a thing that is never going to be out of the scene and the dependency of a major chunk of the population on banks makes them a secure place to work at. Not only this, government employees in this industry receive various benefits like low interest on loans, housing, compensations, and gratuities which increases their stability and job security even more.

Major Digital Conversion happening in the banking sector

It’s been more than 3 decades now that India’s major sectors are moving from traditional data keeping and storage methods to advanced technical ways. With the country getting more and more digitalized, its core, the banking sector is going through a massive digital transformation process. They are software that has replaced a lot of old patterns, Internet banking emerging like anything, the nation going cash-free, and various other small big changes. The educational journey of an engineer is all about technical advancements and new innovations which help them to adapt to the banking sector easily and because of their practical mindset, they are able to perform better with numbers, net banking, and software upgradation.

Growth Opportunity

Banking is a field that is always in search of talented individuals who can introduce innovation and expansion ideas. Also, with the sector evolving is also giving birth to new job positions and multiple sub-categories, the opportunity for growth is endless. An individual can expand his wings horizontally and vertically both from junior to the most senior roles and in various segments handling multiple varied tasks. Banks offer a contemporary framework for a variety of growth opportunities at the team and organizational levels, and they are quick to adapt to the workplace of the future. When a bank wants to hire internally, the industry has learned to examine talent adjacencies and make it possible to match personnel to new opportunities.

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Final Word-

The skills that are required to excel in the banking field are already there in engineers like thinking practically, fast with data and numbers, and analytical skills. The sector is growing and doing extremely well because of this it is now looked upon as a massive career growth place by engineers. So, if you are at an early or latter stage where you are confused about engineering, stop overthinking and give it a try by securing an engineering course at Chitkara University as even if you feel like switching at any point, your skills will never be wasted.

Chitkara University offers Engineering Programs that precisely focus on your analytical growth and overall knowledge enhancement which will never keep you short of industry benefits.


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