5 Reasons to Study Engineering for Better Future Scope

Engineering is a field that turns imagination and fantasies into something useful and tangible. The world we live in today would not have been possible without the marvels of engineering- high-speed internet, cellular networks, microprocessors, power grids, high-speed motors, etc. Engineering is the application of principles of science and mathematics to solve real-world problems. They research, invent, and refine products and processes across a wide range of streams. Most of what we see around us has been designed by an engineer at some point. With such a diverse platform, engineering grabs a front seat in the “What does your future hold for you?” car. Why should you study engineering? What are the current scenarios and future scope of the field? Let us find out

Demand for Innovation and Creativity: Creativity and innovation are the fundamental elements of engineering. The world is evolving at a fast pace and innovation is its pre-requisite. With development comes challenges and these challenges give birth to inventions. The future will demand innovative solutions to unresolved problems and these can be achieved only by having a creative mindset and strong analytical foundation in math and science.

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Employability and high salary potential: Engineering is a well-paid and stable career. High salary potential is what makes engineering the choice of the majority. The future will hold tremendous employment opportunities for engineers. The “Make in India” initiative and the government’s focus on ease of doing business have promised to present vast opportunities in the engineering field. India’s engineering sector has enjoyed strong growth over the last decade due to rapid economic development which will show a direct impact on the employment rate.

Prestige and Respect: We all agree with the fact that engineering is not an easy field. The knowledge and the skills it take to become an engineer are unmatchable. Everything that is difficult to crack or pursue deserves respect and prestige. Engineering is more than just earning money. It gives you the opportunity to change people’s lives by addressing and solving real-world problems. Engineering lathers you with respect and recognition for the ethics and quality of the work you present.

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International Opportunities: Who does not want to explore and travel the world? Engineering equips you with the skillsets to grab international opportunities in terms of jobs or research. The scope for engineers is huge in the American market. Especially the streams like BTech in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Robotics, and Mechatronics hold great opportunities for future engineers. The world is totally dependent on technology and it will require technology experts at every step. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are taking the front seat and are set to go a long way in the future. From Alexa to Siri and from electric cars to robots, all have international markets and clients which allow their employees to travel and experience different work cultures.

Job Satisfaction: When choosing a line of work, job satisfaction is one of the biggest considerations. Job satisfaction directly impacts your productivity and overall happiness. In the future, with everything developing and taking a fast pace, the rush and the hustle will come as a by-product. With all this in place, engineering has proven to be one of the most satisfying careers with a good work-life balance. The opportunity to change the world is what inspires people to get into this sector. The overall aim of human life is service to humanity in some or the other form. Engineers are not only known for their analytical and innovation skills but also their work ethic and character.

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In today’s world, the application of engineering spans a huge spectrum from deep sea exploration to space travel and even beyond that. It is difficult to find an avenue in which engineering has not left its footprint. Engineering as a degree with its wide scope of streams provides efficiency and productivity to its holders. As the knowledge and needs of humans will increase, a wide range of various streams in the engineering field will be introduced in the future.

Engineering is different from other undergraduate studies. While other degrees introduce concepts and teach to work in a particular way, engineering provides the flexibility to develop critical thinking, psychology of professional success, and training its individuals to face any challenges with confidence. Engineering is not just about professional and personal growth, it is also about making a difference in the world. The responsibility of providing solutions and maintaining the existing technical infrastructure is on the shoulders of engineers. Thus, considering career growth, employment opportunities, self-development, and futuristic approaches, we can conclude that studying engineering is a wise decision.

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