Mechatronics Engineering-Career, Job and Future Opportunities in India

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Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary branch and a combination of several different engineering such as mechanical, electrical, and computer. Mechatronics engineers help in automating the processes. They create, operate, test, and maintain different machines that are created for the purpose of automation specifically in the manufacturing industry. They act as a link between technicians and engineers. Mechatronics has been proven as an essential foundation for the expected growth in the automation and manufacturing industry. Mechatronics professionals know both mechanical and electrical engineering fundamentals. They can work with massive industrial robots, control systems for bottling and packaging of food and drink products, drones, small robots in pick and place operations, designing control systems for the rides in the amusement parks, etc. Skilled mechatronics engineers are in high demand in the field of designing and operating internet control of machines, autonomous robots, and engine management systems. Let us see in detail the eligibility, scope, and future opportunities of mechatronics Engineering in India:

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Course and Eligibility

In order to take part in the undergraduate program for Mechatronics Engineering, a student should have secured a minimum of 60% marks in std 12th with major subjects as Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Candidates should also pass the national-level engineering entrance exam or the respective university entrance exam. Chitkara University offers a B.E. degree in Mechatronics Engineering. The program includes the basics of mechanical, electronics, and computer science engineering. Students are introduced to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence along with machine vision considering the diversity of the stream. Their curriculum also includes elements of computer hardware and software along with properties and applications of material sciences.

Careers and scope in Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics professionals can find a place in global enterprises that develop futuristic vehicles, defence technology, and revolutionising consumer products. They can also work in smaller but innovative high-tech companies supplying software and equipment. They can also work in the fields of cybersecurity, telecommunications, automotive engineering, artificial intelligence, robotics and testing, artificial intelligence, etc. Different job profiles that mechatronics engineers can apply for are Automotive Engineer, Control System Engineer, Data Logging Engineer, Instrumentation Engineer, Systems and Software Engineer, Project and Service Engineer, etc.

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Average Annual Salaries of Mechatronics Engineers in India

Since mechatronics engineers can be versatile with their job profiles, there is no one average salary for all the jobs. A mechatronics engineer as a computer system analyst handles modern software applications to enhance computer productivity and can earn an average salary of 4 LPA. Robotics test engineers are responsible for maintaining and repairing robotics machinery or equipment and can earn an average salary of 5 LPA. Other than these the researchers and supervisors in this field can expect a salary anywhere between 2- 6 LPA. The top recruiters for Mechatronics engineers in India are Amazon, Apple, Cummins, Honda, Renault, Nissan, Piaggio, Mahindra, Royal Enfield, etc.

Research and Development

Apart from jobs, research and development in any field gives a chance for innovation and hence improvement. In this case, research is not just restricted to the individual but also to the overall field. Every sector in today’s world has a scope for improvement before it reaches its saturation and mechatronics being a new field demands a lot of research. Some of the latest trends in this field which also have the potential for further research and improvements are Intelligent Health Monitoring and Supervisory Control of Mechatronic Systems, Novel Robotic Systems, Sensor design, and data collection approaches in mechatronics, Advanced smart automation technologies, Medical Mechatronics for Healthcare, Smart Manufacturing Systems, Computational Intelligence in Mechatronics Systems, etc. Students can get into the research and development of these and many other new trends and bring an overall change in the whole Mechatronics Engineering stream.

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Automation is coming and processes are going to be streamlined and mechatronics is one of the careers that specialises in that. Mechatronics has shown 5% growth in terms of employment in comparison to electrical engineering in recent years. Mechatronics not just has a huge scope in India but also abroad. If you still have this question, “What can one do with a mechatronics degree?”, the answer is, “Anything you want.” As more and more businesses will advance, their technologies will turn to intelligent systems and robotics, thus, Mechatronics Engineering will continue to grow and will be in high demand. The manufacturing businesses considering a technology upgrade turn to mechatronics engineers to evaluate the assembly line efficiency and costs. It is worth pursuing Mechatronics Engineering as it has better job opportunities and scope in the coming years giving immense employment opportunities to the students in the field. Finally, Mechatronics Engineering is a very interesting and promising field when it comes to career opportunities and Chitkara University is the one-stop destination to pursue a career in this field. Highly qualified and experienced staff and hands-on training and exposure to the industry are what make Chitkara University a perfect choice for anyone willing to make a career in Mechatronics Engineering.


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