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Why Choose An MBA in Finance & Banking And Why It’s A Smart Career Move In 2024?

Chitkara Business School's MBA in Finance
Pursuing an MBA in Finance & Banking has evolved as a sensible and strategic career step for those hoping to flourish in the financial sector in the dynamic environment of global finance and banking. As we approach 2023, the importance of this sp...
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How to Become a Marine Engineer?

Have you ever fantasised of traveling by ship to far-off ports on other continents? Have you ever fantasised of living aboard a cruise ship? Are you a technical person who enjoys science and mathematics but would rather live an unusual life than get ...
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The Next Big Thing in Software Engineering Courses

The illustration with a blurred background shows the students of chitkara university working in a computer lab.
Technology has been developing more quickly than anticipated in recent years. Owners of businesses must change in order to survive and remain competitive. They must keep themselves informed of the most recent market trends. It is crucial for software...
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How Electrical Engineering Is Taking India by Storm

The image shows the student of electric engineering from chitkara university working on their project.
Consider how boring and difficult life would be without power and household appliances like a microwave, refrigerator, and television. Is it not? We now consider electricity and electronic equipment to be necessities of daily life. The scope of el...
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Future Scope of Full Stack Developers in India

The illustration shows the students of full stack development from chitkara university working on the desktops.
We all know that everything can become stagnant except technology. Technology is constantly evolving and developing. Software design and development is the first and most important pillar of technology. Full stack developers are the Swiss Army Knives...
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Mechatronics Engineering-Career, Job and Future Opportunities in India

The students of chitkara university working on their projects.
Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary branch and a combination of several different engineering such as mechanical, electrical, and computer. Mechatronics engineers help in automating the processes. They create, operate, test, and maintain different m...
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Why Choose Cloud Computing as Your career Option?

The illustration shows the students of chitkara university.
Introduction Cloud computing has been creating a buzz for quite some time now, thanks to its endless list of benefits. But, not many people know the things that you must know before entering into the cloud computing field. Cloud computing is the nex...
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Career Options after Engineering in India

Image with dark blue background with logo of chitkara university.The center of image says "SMART IS YESTERDAY. AI IS EVERYTHING in text and THAT IS TODAY in red text. On right side of image a boy holding a laptop in red t-shirt.
Introduction After completing your engineering, the question in your mind is what to do next? The opportunities are plenty and you can choose a career that suits your interest. Engineering is a Very Broad Field Engineering is a very broad field. I...
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Job Opportunities after Nautical Science in India

The image shows four marine engineering students in white uniforms coming down from stairs. A white wall on the left side of the image has a chitkara university logo and "SCHOOL OF MARITIME STUDIES " in black and red text.
Introduction There are a lot of good job opportunities after B.Sc in Nautical Science in India. Exploring the maritime sector, these are some of the most important and lucrative ones according to me: Naval Architect Marine Surveyor Ship I...
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What is Data Science & Analytics, Job and Future Scope

The illustration shows the two students of chitkara university. One is a boy in a black t-shirt pointing towards the laptop, and the other is a girl in a red t-shirt looking at the laptop.
Introduction Data Science and Analytics are the two most important aspects of any big data initiative for organisations. Data Science is a new field of study, which is a combination of statistics, machine learning, data analysis and programming. ...
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