Future Scope of Full Stack Developers in India

The illustration shows the students of full stack development from chitkara university working on the desktops.

We all know that everything can become stagnant except technology. Technology is constantly evolving and developing. Software design and development is the first and most important pillar of technology. Full stack developers are the Swiss Army Knives of the software-based development world. They work on both sides of the software application i.e., client-side and server-side. They work in all the areas of software applications such as front and backend development, database maintenance, version control systems etc. Full stack developers are the jack of all trades and are capable of transitioning seamlessly from one development environment to the other.

Front-end + Back-end = Full Stack

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Full stack development is one of the most demanding professions in the world. Let’s get a detailed analysis of the future of this lucrative career: –

  • Skills Required to Become a Full Stack Developer 
    Full stack developers do multiple things at a time and thus they need to be a master in one or more front as well as backend programming languages. Common front-end languages that one can learn are HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. The backend languages that one can learn are PHP, Python, .Net etc. The best quality that sets full stack developers apart from the other developers is their versatility. Therefore, the more languages and experience a person has, the more demand they have.
  • Responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer
    Full stack developers should develop functional databases in order to provide support back-end and enhance user experience by designing visually appealing front end. They should take charge of end-to-end web architecture. They should also be able to maintain and upgrade the software as and when needed. They keep a check on the software projects from conception to finished product. They are responsible for meeting both technical as well as consumer needs.
  • Pay Scale
    Full stack developers’ job in India is considered one of the highest paying jobs. The average salary of a Full Stack developer in India is 9.5LPA. The pay varies according to experience, job location, company size and many other factors. An experienced full stack developer can earn anywhere between 16- 20 LPA. Full Stack developers can easily handle the work of 2-3 developers due to their expertise in multiple areas and thus helps in making small teams, avoiding miscommunication and reducing the operating costs.

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  • Ocean of Oportunities
    Full stack developers can work with multiple technologies and thus can handle more aspects of a project than a regular programmer. They are familiar with many stacks including MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js) and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stacks. Their vast knowledge in multiple areas equips them with multiple opportunities. Since full stack developers adapt easily to different parts of a project and match the application development requirements, start-ups prefer full stack developers over specialists.
  • Steady Growth and Huge Demand
    The world has become technology driven, right from satellites in space to the mobile phones in our hands, it’s all technology. With the immense growth of social media platforms and digitally motivated business, the demand for full stack developers will keep on rising in the coming years. According to the 2021 Emerging Jobs Report (India) From LinkedIn, specialized engineering roles occupy the 5th position on their list. India’s status as a world leader in technology is well established with the second fastest digital adoption. The tech sector is expected to deliver up to 65 million jobs by 2025.
  • Job Satisfaction
    The average rating of job satisfaction in full stack development is 4 out of 5. Since they are versatile and have expertise on both sides of the spectrum, they have numerous perks and hence have high job satisfaction. It comes from several factors such as high salary. Full stack developer’s salary is one of the highest in tech which ultimately results in job satisfaction. Career flexibility is another factor to consider here. Since they are knowledgeable about different parts of the software development process, they can work in their preferred area. This lets them have control over their work-life balance too.

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The job profile of a full stack developer expects a person to have a great breadth of knowledge. It can get overwhelming by seeing the sheer expanse of the subject, but if a student has a good foundation and interest, then everything works in favour. To build a great foundation, Chitkara University is the best option. It offers a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science Engineering with specialisation in Full Stack Development. The program is designed to build students’ skills in high-demand areas such as SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), application development for web, mobile and cloud and DevOps. The top recruiters at Chitkara University are Google, HCL, IBM, Infosys, Microsoft etc.

Full Stack developers are an important resource to any association that focuses on technology and its development. With the rapid increase in software products and the demand for fast growing technology, this profession is here to stay.


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