Top Reasons To Choose CSE & How Chitkara University Is A Perfect Institution?

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Top Reasons To Choose CSE: Computing is a part of everything we do. It is a field driven by innovation and logical thinking and is the most popular field of study in the modern day. From the mobile phones we use to the vehicles we drive or just by the numerous ways we communicate with each other, computing technology is everywhere. Chitkara University is a place that provides a degree in computer science. They do more than just develop computer engineers. They help the students to develop into changemakers with a global perspective, technical powers, and leadership skills to make a difference in the world.

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How Chitkara University Is A Perfect Institution for CSE?

There is a wide variety of reasons for choosing computer science over the other engineering branches and for choosing Chitkara over the other universities, some of which are listed below:

Variety of Specialisations

Computer science has applications in almost every branch of science and engineering. Thus, there is a wide variety of careers that can be pursued by CSE students. Candidates can be software developers, hardware engineers, system analysts, system designers, networking engineers, database administrators, web developers, E-commerce specialists, programmers, technicians, lecturers, professors, etc. Chitkara University provides more than one path to a student’s goal as their CSE undergraduates can choose their specialisation after the end of the second year once they have mastered the basic computing fundamentals. These specialisations include Artificial Intelligence, Full Stack Development, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Game Design and AR, UI/UX Design, Data Science and Analytics, etc.

Attractive Pay Packages

CSE graduates are in high demand and earn good salaries right after their Btech/BE because everything, from retail to education to food to apparel is technology-oriented. The average salary of a CSE graduate can be 4-6 LPA in India. Computer Science is a broad field and so a lot of your job’s qualities would depend on the industry you work in. Chitkara University has strong links with more than 500+ blue-chip organisations to give valuable real-world experience to its students. It equips the students to become world-ready professionals, with the knowledge, attributes, and expertise that employers look for. The top recruiters that visit every year at Chitkara University are Accenture, Adobe, Amazon, Google, Infosys, HCL, Dell, Deloitte, Cognizant, IBM, Samsung, Wipro, etc. The highest package bagged by a student recently was Rs. 1.1 Cr at Amazon.

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Global Opportunities

Chitkara University and Deakin University, Australia offer an international transfer programme in software engineering. It’s a four-year degree through the Centre for Global Education at Chitkara University. In this programme, the student studies at Chitkara University for 2 years and then opts to transfer to Deakin University. Upon completion of all course requirements, students graduate with a Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) degree from Deakin University. This University has invested in the latest technology, state-of-the-art learning tools, and facilities to ensure that its students are ready for the jobs of tomorrow. All this gives the students access to a globally relevant curriculum and exposure to accomplished international faculty. This also helps students to live in a multicultural environment and build professional networks.

Job Satisfaction

A huge part of job satisfaction comes from knowing that your work is valuable and making a positive difference in the world. A study done in the UK found that “The job satisfaction in CSE and IT is double than that of the average of the other work sectors”. CSE students face interesting challenges and get to learn new skills. They also really enjoy the work they do and the environment they work in. With technology progressing exponentially, computer engineering is always changing and always having impacts on multiple industries like healthcare, transportation, communications, etc. With a computer science degree, one can make the world, faster, better, and far more connected. With powerful impacts on these sectors, computer engineers’ job satisfaction is always on the rise. Earning big bucks is also a reason for the high job satisfaction of computer engineers.

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Exploring the Creative side

In contrast to mathematics where there is just a single response to an issue, CSE permits limitless answers for a similar problem. Creativity is not only beneficial to the developers but is oftentimes critical during the process of development. The goal is to find and take advantage of the most efficient solutions. Computer applications can be composed and created in numerous ways to suit any sort of direction or client experience. Therefore, it gives an incredible window of innovative chance for an expert. Chitkara University is a perfect place for exploring your creative computer engineer side. It teaches you how to innovate creatively. They have high-tech classes with all the facilities along with great teachers who can help you with creative thinking.

Perpetual Technological Developments

While the IT infrastructure continues to advance across all major economic industries, new programming languages and frameworks are being produced at abrupt speed. Some of the examples of advancement in the computing environment include automated payment systems to streamline financial transactions, tracking of health and heart rate by fitness centres, and household objects that have been around for decades like refrigerators, TV, etc have now become smart connecting to personal assistants and Wi-Fi networks. These ongoing developments bring with them massive scope for learning opportunities and progression. A CSE degree will teach you about how far things have come and the direction in which the world is heading.

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Computer Science is a dynamic and rapidly growing field that has become an integral part of the world that we live in today. CSE at Chitkara University is like a cherry on the cake. It fills its students with multiple skills other than teaching computer science. These skills include communication skills, digital literacy, critical thinking in order to evaluate information, problem-solving by applying theoretical constructs, skills, and critical analysis to the real world, and teamwork in order to contribute effectively to a team to achieve shared goals. Whatever is your dream, Chitkara University can help you get there.

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