12 Enriching Career Paths for Computer Science Students

In a digital world, the employment potential of Computer Science engineers cannot be overstated. In 2022, undergraduates in engineering and technology domains had the highest employability rating at just over 55 percent in India. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of technology solutions and broadened the need for engineers with new age skills even more. A report by Nasscom says that the demand for digital talent jobs in cloud computing, big data analytics, and cybersecurity is 8x greater than the available talent. The report states, “By 2024, this demand is expected to become 20x the available fresh talent pool.”
Therefore, computer engineering is an academic field that leads to a well paid career with immense potential to grow. A typical graduate engineering programme spreads over four years in India, including classroom learning interspersed with hands-on industrial training. Computer science graduates can find employment across a cross section of industries managing technology mandates, selling products, designing technology frameworks and solutions, developing software and more. This blog focuses on some career options for computer science graduates in today’s connected world.

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Software Developer

As the proliferation of technology enabled solutions and gadgets grow, Software Developers are much in demand in India and globally to design and develop computer programs that are used on mobile devices, desktop computers, cars, aeroplanes, ships, manufacturing units and elsewhere. The need to understand user needs and develop secure, scalable, efficient, and easy to use programs.

IT Consultants

IT consultants advise oganizations on the planning, design, installation and usage of information technology systems aligned to their business goals. They also provide expertise on how to address any challenges in the implementation of IT systems, enhancing the efficiency of the technology foundation and its efficiency, and choosing appropriate vendors to design and deploy solutions, among others.

Information Systems Manager

Information Systems Managers ensure that computer systems run seamlessly within organizations. They are responsible for the entire upkeep of the IT infrastructure within an organization, including system installation and backup solutions, security from external and internal threats, purchasing hardware and software, providing secure access and IT support for users.

Systems Analyst

A career as a systems analyst will involve designing new IT solutions and enhancing and improving existing systems to meet changing business needs, integrate new features, and improve efficiency and productivity. The role will need strong technical expertise and an understanding of business practices. System analyst roles exist within technology and non-technology businesses.

Technical Writer

A much in demand expertise, technical writers design manuals and guides to help users understand how to use a product or service. A computer science graduate intending to pursue this career must have a strong foundation of technical knowledge, an understanding of technology products and an ability to write about complex topics in simple language. Technical writers can be hired in the IT industry as well as in finance, manufacturing, start-ups and other industries.

Multimedia Programmer

Career opportunities for programmers who design and create multimedia computer products that combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, video clips, virtual reality, digital animation etc., are expanding as users interface with a broad spectrum of platforms and interfaces. A multimedia programmer must have technical and creative skills, including 2D/3D modelling, animation and video. They work closely with designers to translate their concepts into technically viable offerings, run tests of the product to test for bugs and rewrite or add new code if necessary.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) Expert

AI and ML are driving life changing innovations and disruptions, redefining the way we live, work, transact and earn. AI and ML are the technology behind self-driving cars and robotic interventions in medical science, manufacturing and other industries. They are also used to derive deep insights into customer behaviour, design predictive operational frameworks and more. It is estimated that demand for engineers specializing in AI and ML will more than double in the next few years, offering a bright career path for computer science graduates.

Data Scientist

Today almost all organizations have access to huge volumes of data which is recognized as the modern day’s oil or gold. Globally, organizations are analyzing their data and using this valuable resource to sharpen their business and operational efficiencies to better serve customers and grow profits. Therefore, the demand for data scientists who can understand, design, identify and implement data-driven solutions has never been more. Data Scientists are typically engineers with a passion for numbers and computers and an analytical bend of mind. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for know-how in data science will boost jobs by 27.9 percent by 2026. Careers in data science rank at the top of the list of “top jobs of the future.”

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Cybersecurity Expert

As the world relies more and more on technology, the dangers of cyber theft, hacking and other such instances are also growing. Therefore, there is a growing demand for cybersecurity experts by businesses and governments globally and in India. Computer science engineers with a penchant for following cybersecurity trends and advances with a deep understanding of information technology and software development would be ideal candidates to build an enriching career in this space.

Game designer

Video game and immersive technology is big business. Estimates show that revenues from gaming are estimated to reach USD200 billion worldwide by 2022, and immersive media business volumes are slated to cross USD65 billion globally by 2023. Computer Science students who enjoy gaming can convert their passion into a fruitful career. A fairly new academic specialization, game design opens up several vistas for career seekers. As a game designer, you could create video games, build gaming apps, design graphics and art, or develop code to power such games.

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UI/UX Designer

The rapid spread of technology has led to increasing demand for designing digital products, customer experiences and interfaces that influence business decisions. Therefore there is a growing demand for UI/UX designers who create winning digital products to deliver differentiated user experiences based on their needs easily and intuitively. Such experiences are critical to enabling businesses to expand customer reach and strengthen demand for their products or services. UX design was rated as one of LinkedIn’s top five in-demand skills in 2020 and was slated to become one of the top 50 jobs to have in 2022 by Glassdoor.

Cloud Computing and Virtualisation

Cloud computing has already revolutionized not only the IT industry but all other businesses. The Cloud computing market has grown from $15B to more than $210B in the past 10 years, with projections to double again by 2025. Today, businesses no longer want to manage individual data centres to avoid both complexities and optimize resources and capital. The demand for software development engineers, solutions architects, product managers and support and system engineers to manage Cloud Computing infrastructures as well as design solutions and interfaces to enable businesses to enhance reach, performance and security is rising every day.

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The study of Computer Science opens up numerous opportunities for students, no doubt. However, to thrive in the professional world along with having strong technical and functional skills, it is also important to have behavioural or softer skills like problem solving, people management and a big dose of self motivation to build that career you have always wanted.


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