Full Stack vs Cyber Security – Which is Better?

If you have decided to build a career in the field of Computer Science then the next question that will dawn on you is choosing the right specialization. The thing is that opting for Computer Science Engineering presents a wide range of options in front of you.

You must narrow down your focus before you choose which specialization suits you the best. Two of the most chosen specializations out of many others are becoming full-stack developers and cyber security professionals.

In this blog, we will draw a comparison between both these fields to further find out which specialization is better out of the two.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is a field that is concerned with the protection of data, computer networks, mobile devices, and being accessed by unauthorized people or organizations. This can be a challenging task but its importance keeps growing as more everyday activities involve the connected networks.

When you choose the option of Engineering in Cyber Security as a specialization, you get trained in software development, penetration testing, construction of firewalls, and other protections from malware. It also may include digital forensics to determine exactly when and how a cyber attack may have taken place.

Cybersecurity requires consistent monitoring of computer systems for vulnerabilities and continuous updating of technology and other techniques. The professionals who work in this field must be driven to prevent all kinds of attacks. They should also be skilled in a form of ethical hacking for preventing any attacks from cybercriminals.

Some of the career options available in this specialization are Security Architect, Network Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Information Security Manager, Application Security Engineer, etc.

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Full Stack

Fullstack development is a quickly growing career in the IT industry. It has been ranked as a popular job these days and is expected to remain so in the coming future. Essentially, a Full Stack Web Engineer is someone who works across all layers of software with different companies for building, supporting, and maintaining their web applications.

It is important for full-stack developers to be well versed with programming languages and develop nonsecurity web codes for building something productive. They are needed to develop a working version of code in a time frame while modifying it further for any bugs in the system.

Since the codes require constant notifications, they have a short shelf life which is exactly why the job of a web developer is short-term. Some of the job roles available in this field are that of a Front end Developer, UI/UX Developer, Back-end Developer, Java Developer, Angular Developer, etc.

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Full Stack or Cyber Security – Which is Better?

Cyber security and full stack development require very highly skilled professionals and also have similar skills required by professionals, but they are still different from each other. Full-stack developers are responsible for building software but cyber security works to protect this software from attacks.

The two specializations also differ in other aspects including growth rate, salary, and job roles. Each job is pretty lucrative and has a promising forecast concerning demand. However, the cyber security position offers improved chances of getting hired compared to software development.

It is difficult to predict which career path is the best before you work in some field. However, it may be easy to figure out which career is not right for you on the basis of your personality and character traits. Some of the signs that you can tell you this is:

Choose Cyber Security If:

  • You wish to get into a four-year college degree
  • You can handle high-anxiety workdays
  • You like solving puzzles
  • You can communicate effectively
  • You are good at multi-tasking and also focused

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Choose Full Stack Development If:

  • You want to learn hands-on
  • You are seriously interested in computers and their working
  • You are creatively inclined and analytically sound
  • You enjoy working in a team and independently as well


When it comes to deciding which one out of a full stack and cyber security is better, it all depends on what you want to do in the future and what your skills are. Chitkara University offers Computer Science Engineering with both of these specializations.

The notable thing is that regardless of the specialization that you may choose, there are many opportunities to become successful in the future. With the right academic training and dedication, you can work for a bright career in any of these fields.


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