The Next Big Thing in Software Engineering Courses

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Technology has been developing more quickly than anticipated in recent years. Owners of businesses must change in order to survive and remain competitive. They must keep themselves informed of the most recent market trends. It is crucial for software development businesses to be informed of current trends and to follow them as soon as they emerge.

Even if you may be aware of the newest technological trends, there are some state-of-the-art software development tools and languages that can be very advantageous. Your application and platform may become the next great thing if you use new methodologies using group platforms and tools.

In addition to making it easier for developers, new trends in software development, programming languages, and technologies like automation, libraries, blockchain, machine learning, deep learning, and automation not only speed up the process but also prepare your apps for the next level. Understanding this need of the hour, Chitkara University offers B.Tech Computer Science Engineering that focuses on all these software engineering trends.

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Automation Assisted by Artificial Intelligence

The largest advancement in the field of software development is artificial intelligence. AI-assisted automation decreases manual involvement, reduces complexity, and can manage real-world operations thanks to its outstanding neural algorithms. When combined with machine learning techniques, the cognitive computing capabilities made possible by AI processes resembles the functioning of the human mind.

It’s crucial for organisations to do smart work using smart processes if they want to stay ahead of the competition and boost their company efficiency. AI-assisted automation not only helps with routine, boring tasks, but it also boosts individual and team productivity for businesses and their staff. Thus, they are constantly in touch with top engineering colleges across India to hire best B.Tech CSE talents who specialize in software engineering.

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Multiplatform User Interface Development

It takes a lot of work to create a platform-centric application. Organizations may spend a significant amount of time and money separately developing apps for Android, iOS, and the web. Working on applications separately to make them compatible with all platforms for a worldwide audience might influence the timeframes and deter developers from working on it.

Therefore, it is crucial that you use multiplatform development tools if you have the vision to create a global application with numerous features. These technologies, like as “Microsoft Xamarins” and “Google Flutter,” let you to develop apps that use the native UI frameworks, APIs, and functionalities for Android and iOS, Windows, and the web. Applications created for one platform may operate on many systems since they are created using native code, which is easy and quick. These skills are harnessed in top B.Tech colleges that offer computer science and software engineering courses.


According to a Gartner research, more than a billion people will have part of their personal information stored on blockchains by 2022 without even being aware of it. Blockchain, the newest technology in the field of software development, is the term with the highest volume and the talent with the fastest-growing demand. The financial industry is where blockchain technology shines.

However, apps emphasising more security and accuracy would be developed using AI and Blockchain. But blockchain is well-known for its openness and flexible security and privacy settings. Examining Blockchain’s full potential reveals that it is the technology that will fundamentally alter digital platforms and how data is used.

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Third-Party APIs

Since the beginning, APIs have been established for use in software and application development. However, the current boom in technology has seen a wide range of ready-made and custom choices. Even for programmers who spend hours creating their own third-party APIs for the features and operations of applications, there are already a large number of them that are easily accessible.

There are APIs that can be quickly plugged in for processing material, images, or even maps for mapping applications. So why would you spend effort creating something that already exists? It helps you save money and time.

Enhanced Programming Languages

There are programming languages and frameworks that may be used concurrently for development, just as there are several software technologies accessible for simultaneous usage. It’s crucial that businesses comprehend and select the finest programming language at the outset. According to the 2018 Developer Survey by Stack Overflow, Javascript will continue to be the most popular language for the next six years. The developer community already makes extensive use of it. Therefore, learning cutting-edge and well-liked languages like Python, Ruby, Swift, SQL, Java, C++, and C# might be advantageous for company in the long term.

All these programming languages are inculcated in the advanced curriculum of B.Tech Computer Science Engineering at Chitkara University.

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Among these abilities are effective collaboration to successfully contribute to a team to achieve shared goals as well as communication skills, digital literacy, critical thinking to assess information, problem-solving by applying theoretical frameworks, skills, and critical analysis to the real world, and critical thinking to assess information. Chitkara University can help students accomplish their objectives.


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