Australia’s Deakin University and Chitkara University Announce Academic Mentorship in Software Engineering

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Deakin University, Australia and Chitkara University, near Chandigarh has announced an innovative pathway study option commencing September 2020.

In the midst of the uncertain circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Deakin University, Australia and Chitkara University has announced the launch of an ‘Academic Mentorship’ program to ensure that students may continue to achieve their international study goals during this time. The announcement has come at a time when travel is suspended and students are uncertain of their dream for an overseas higher education opportunity.

Deakin University and Chitkara University has developed a 4-year Bachelor of Software Engineering that will facilitate Indian students to study two years of Deakin University’s licensed curriculum at Chitkara University before students transfer for the remaining two years on-shore at Deakin University in Australia. This transfer is based on conditions, and students after successful completion will receive a Deakin University Bachelor of Software Engineering degree in Australia.

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Speaking about this innovative program, Deakin University’s Deputy Vice President (Global) and CEO (South Asia), Ms Ravneet Pawha, said that, “at Deakin, we are continuously innovating our offerings and with the current challenges presented by COVID-19, innovative hybrid programs like this would help students keep their study and career goals on track.

“We are proud of our partnership with Chitkara University and delighted to have developed this unique program, which will allow students to study an international degree from their home-country while having academic mentorship through the teaching and support by the faculty at Chitkara University.”

This is a one-of-its-kind initiative in the international education space, where students will earn 100% credits of prior learning at a leading Indian university before transferring to a Deakin University campus in Australia. As a part of the arrangement, students while studying the first two years of the program at Chitkara will pay local India tuition fee. Students will also be co-taught some academic units by Deakin faculty in infrastructure, and resources that will be similar to Deakin. This simply translates in better academic success for students with global careers and an education that saves them huge costs.

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Chitkara University’s Pro-Chancellor, Dr Madhu Chitkara, said that “the blended program is being launched at a very appropriate time. Given the current situation, students will be able to continue their education while keeping their dreams of international education intact.

“I am confident that the overall student experience will be enriched through this Academic Mentorship program with the high quality of the teaching and learning support from faculty and staff from both institutions.”

With this initiative, there will be no gap in students learning outcomes and they will arrive in Australia with similar academic learnings had they started in the same program at Deakin in the first year. If for some reason a student is unable to make it for the on-shore studies at Deakin, they will have an option to pursue an industry-leading Bachelor’s degree from Chitkara University.


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