How is Planning Important in Architecture?


Architecture and planning is an up-and-coming course in India. If you want to explore your options in the field, a good start would be looking at some of the best private colleges for civil engineering in India. You can also consider the Civil Engineering program at Chitkara University for holistic development and excellent prospects as an architecture & planning expert in India. Read on to find out how you can build your career in the field and the skills necessary for success.

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Skills Needed to Build a Career in Architecture & Planning

You must choose a career that helps you nurture your passion while also creating opportunities to help you succeed professionally. When you decide to pursue the Civil Engineering program at Chitkara University, you must prepare yourself for a course that is exhaustive, practical and highly in tune with the modern trends in Architecture and Planning.

Enrolling on a bachelor’s degree, such as the B.Tech Civil Engineering program from Chitkara University, is your first step toward a successful career in this field. Listed below are some skills that will give you an extra edge.

Design & Drawing Skills

As a successful architecture & planning expert, you must be able to draw how your designs will look. While you can polish these skills with time & practice, basic knowledge & passion is a must.

Mathematical Skills

Architecture & planning is all about measurements and calculations. You must also have a good grasp of geometrical and arithmetic concepts to excel as an architecture & planning expert.

Analytical Skills

You must have an analytical mind. In other words, you must have a knack for problem-solving and finding the best possible solution instead of blindly following the tried and tested path. To be successful in this field, you must be able to come up with solutions that others are unable to.

Attention to Detail

Architects must pay close attention to every detail because a single error or miscalculation can lead to disastrous results. Therefore, you must have a keen eye and always aim for 100% accuracy.

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Why is Planning Important?

While the skills mentioned above will help you get started with the Civil Engineering program at Chitkara University, you will learn the first and most important aspect of being a successful architect‒ planning. We have listed some reasons that help you understand how proper planning can enhance your projects.

  • Improves Communication: Planning is the first step of any architectural process. And it requires the architects to outline the entire scope of their project. As a student of the B.Tech Civil Engineering program at Chitkara University, you will learn how a precise and detailed plan can help you communicate your ideas for the project with your team and subordinates.
  • Outlines Goals & Objectives: As the architect, you must manage the goals and objectives of the project. Hence, your plan should lay out the structure’s purpose, the team’s goals and how you plan on achieving them. Studying at one of the best private colleges for Civil Engineering in India, you will learn how planning helps an architect manage their projects with precision and perfection.
  • Focuses on Design Features: Planning your project helps you finalise your project’s design, style and aesthetic. As mentioned earlier, as the first step, architects must outline all the details and design features in the planning stages. As a student of Civil Engineering, you learn how to coordinate with your team and finalise all design aspects while keeping in mind the budget, structural requirements, topographical challenges, etc.
  • Allows Better Coordination Between Teams: One of the biggest challenges you will face as an architect is the lack of coordination between teams, especially in large-scale projects. However, having proper plans helps you communicate better with your various team managers. It accelerates the entire process and helps the team stay on track and finish the project according to the specifications.

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How Does the Civil Engineering Program at Chitkara University Boost Your Career?

The Civil Engineering program at Chitkara University is a well-rounded course that creates opportunities for eligible students to explore and study the various fields of architecture and planning. Students can start exploring their careers in architecture by pursuing the B.Tech Civil Engineering course at Chitkara University. And they can continue to explore specialisations in the field by applying to the PhD program in Architecture here.

The intensive coursework combines the latest trends and technology in modern architecture and activities designed to nurture your interests and prepare you for a successful career as an Architecture & Planning expert.

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Final Thoughts

A career in Architecture and Planning in India has promising prospects. As a student of B.Tech Civil Engineering from Chitkara University, you get the chance to learn from some of the most experienced experts in the industry. The curriculum’s balanced approach to theoretical practices and practical experiences prepares you for a successful career in the field.

Chitkara University is one of the best private colleges in India for civil engineering. The intensive coursework and expert mentoring from stalwarts in the field contribute to a holistic learning environment that prepares you to take risks and face challenges in your professional life.


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