6 Reasons Behind the Rise of Engineering Careers In India

Engineering is one of the most diverse fields which leads to stable careers. The diversification of streams in engineering is what makes it the first choice for students. The demand for engineering courses was stimulated in the early 2000s by the IT and software boon and the rapid development of the private sector. India has established itself as the top destination for engineering over the years. As a result, a large number of students began enrolling in these courses leading to the establishment of newer colleges. But what is so special about engineering? Why has there been such a huge demand for these courses? What has changed over the years? Let us find out the answers to these questions one by one:

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STEM Skill Shortage: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is a broad term to club these academic disciplines. Due to the shortage of STEM skills in students, the need for engineering graduates has been on the rise to fill these gaps. Engineering is the most popular science course to exist and sustain. To have knowledge of the basics of these fields and a specialization in one of the disciplines is what makes engineering the choice of millions. Engineers have to harness their skill sets in order to sustain themselves in the field.

Government Initiatives: The Indian Engineering sector is of great importance to the economy of the country. The Indian government has taken steps in increasing the scope of the sector. The Indian Engineering sector is de-licensed and enjoys 100% FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). To flourish the manufacturing sector, the government has relaxed the excise duties on factory gate tax, consumer durables, vehicles, and capital goods.

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Advancements in Technology: Technological advancements have the biggest role in the rise of engineering careers in India. The advancements in technology are revolutionary. The design has become 3 times faster with 3D-CAD. Computing power has changed everything from our travels and navigations to our shopping and food choices. This ever-growing technology is what demands its experts and engineering is the perfect blend of analytical skills with a strong foundation in math and science.

Investments: No industry in this world can work without funds. Every sector requires money to sustain and develop. Over the years there have been some massive investments in the Indian engineering sector. The FDI inflow in this sector has stood at multi-billion dollars since the year 2000. The recent biggest investment was by vestments over the years in different engineering sectors have increased the opportunities and employment scale in India.

Tesla, the electric car maker company. Tesla, in January 2021 set up a Research and Development centre in Bengaluru and registered its subsidiary as Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Limited. These huge in

The plethora of choices: Engineering is the only field that comes with multiple specializations in its undergraduate courses itself. But it also gives the flavor of every field in the first year. This allows the students to test and check their areas of interest. Engineering over the years has grown and introduced multiple streams. From the basic streams like Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical to interdisciplinary fields like Biomedical, Biotechnology and Computational Biology, engineering has it all. This ocean of choices over the years has made engineering the first choice of Indian parents and students.

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Attractive Opportunities: Opportunities in every stream of engineering are tremendous. Due to all the reasons stated above, engineering has grown and sustained itself as a stream with a plethora of opportunities. Due to government support and investments, entrepreneurship has been a part of the whole engineering curriculum. India is a developing country and development will always require skilled hands and analytical brains. Over the years, jobs in the IT sector have increased by several folds. Further studies like master’s and PhD are also great opportunities for students who want to excel in their field. Most of the government sectors also demand engineering as the basic qualification for their jobs.

There are two things in the field of engineering that have not changed over the years. The first one is how the world look at engineers, for everyone, engineers are a unique group of humans who know how to solve problems and bring something valuable to society by turning ideas into reality. The second one is the foundation of this field. The foundation of engineering has always been and will always be strong analytical skills in science and math. Engineering requires a high level of education and experience to stay competitive and thus is a demanding profession. In the last decade, we have seen some major technological advancements primarily due to the excellent work done by engineers all around the world. In the future too, this golden field will continue to increase productivity and the economy so that no one would have to stay homeless or hungry.

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