Why Engineering Is the Best Career for The Future?

When Isaac Asimov said, “Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world” the “Rancho” in all of us felt it. Engineering is more than crunching numbers. It is the science that creates a world that has not been seen before. From high job satisfaction to financial stability, engineering provides everything. There are very few careers that offer such a huge range of rewards while making an impact on the world around you. While many new education programs are introduced in India, engineering continues to remain in demand. What exactly is engineering? What makes it so special and why is it the preferred career choice? Let us find out:

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What is Engineering?

According to Britannica, “Engineering is the application of science to the optimum conversion of the resources of nature to the uses of humankind.” In simple words, it is the application of science and mathematics to solve problems. While scientists come up with new things and innovations, it is the engineers who apply these innovations in the real world. It is a perfect blend of scientific principles and practical-oriented research.

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Why should you choose Engineering?

There are multiple reasons to choose engineering as a career. Let us explore them one by one:

High Salary Potential

Engineering is one of the most reputed careers in the job market. It requires unique skill sets. The technical expertise you bring to the table helps you bag a secure and high-paying job. 9 of the top 10 highest-paid degree subjects are engineering-related. The average salary of an engineer in India is 5.9LPA. These are nearly double to that of graduates in English and linguistics. With training and experience salaries can be even higher.

Job Satisfaction

Having a good salary can never be enough if you are not satisfied with your job. Job satisfaction leads to good mental health which is extremely important these days. The biggest factors contributing to the job satisfaction of engineers are evolving challenges that their work presents which indeed help them stimulate every day. Another reason is that they get an opportunity to work for the welfare of society. Job satisfaction is a by-product of the engineer’s employment contract.

National and International Opportunities

The world needs engineers in every field. From water supply to technology, everything requires engineers. Companies hiring engineers are global, majorly spanning America, Asia, and Europe. For a degree as global as engineering, international opportunities are inevitable. The engineering colleges in India like Chitkara University, are accredited to international standards giving an extra boost to the resumes of aspiring engineers. This helps them bag international job offers.

Diverse Career Opportunities

From electrical to computer and from environmental to biomedical, engineering offers it all. All the fields in engineering are interconnected and hence help the students to have a flavor of all in their first year. Students get to choose their field after experiencing all the courses. Engineering also offers students to have an interdisciplinary career. This career flexibility is unparalleled among the other fields.

Beyond Learning Experience

Engineering is an application-based field and hence one can learn much more than what they learn from a faculty in class. Research is the top seed in engineering leading to the growth of advanced technologies. There are events in the colleges dedicated to innovation in various streams of engineering. Engineering nurtures you beyond your knowledge from textbooks.

The Perfect Blend of Creativity and Professionalism

There have been a plethora of innovations in science and technology in the history of humankind. From vacuum cleaners to bullet trains everything started with an idea. An idea followed by research and finished with design is what completes the process of innovation. Every idea needs the wind of creativity and engineering teaches you exactly that. To keep up with the modern products and pace of technology, creativity is the pre-requisite. From the corporate world to a research lab, working with a team comes by default and that is where professionalism comes into the picture. Engineering not just presents you with great career opportunities but also improves your creative and professional side.

Scientists investigate that which already is, Engineers create that which has never been.

-Albert Einstein

One common thing that every engineer says is that it is not just a degree, it is a mix of possibilities, dreams, and a way of life in general. Chitkara University is no exception to this. It nurtures its students and helps them bloom into pioneers of tomorrow. It offers engineering degrees in multiple streams like Computer Science, Civil, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electrical engineering, etc. They offer a common engineering core curriculum for the first year and a half, which lets the students explore options and discover the right discipline for them. With 600+ campus recruiters and immensely qualified faculty, Chitkara University is your place to give wings to your dreams.


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