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Joining one of the best private engineering colleges in India can promise you brilliant careers. All aspiring engineers seek to achieve a great career by applying to the best private engineering colleges such as IITs. Of course, IITs are the dream place for everyone, but there is stiff competition to get into IITs. 

However, students have a choice of several top private universities in India.

These private universities are ranked according to the NIRF (National Institute Ranking Framework) in India. The objective of these colleges is to try to provide the best placement for their candidates after their studies. 

If you are looking for the best private engineering colleges other than IITs, we are here to let you know about the best private engineering colleges in India.

What are the top engineering streams?

Engineering is a vast field with multiple fields and specialisations. A new field is emerging with the evolution of technology. All candidates entering engineering are faced with multiple choices and specialisations. Therefore, you need to choose a course of study according to your interests and passions.

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We have listed the most important engineering streams below: 

  • Civil engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Computer science and engineering
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Food technology
  • Data Science

What are the factors to consider when choosing the best private engineering colleges in India?

 Before pursuing your engineering degree from the best private engineering college in India, you need to consider several factors that will guide your decision based on your future goals.

You understand that the degree has value in life and opens up career opportunities in the future. Engineering studies in India offer you endless possibilities. 

  • Check the credibility of the private engineering college.
  • Check the quality of education offered by the university
  • Check the location of the campus
  • Choose your preferred engineering stream
  • Prepare for the engineering entrance exam
  • Check for scholarships and other financial aid.

What are the courses offered by the best private engineering colleges in India? 

As an applicant, you should choose your course of study and specialisation according to your long-term career goals. 

At the bachelor’s and master’s levels, you have a wide range of specialisations. 

So, we have listed below for you the list of courses and specialisations offered by the best private engineering colleges in India.

  • Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Technology
    • Aerospace Engineering, 
    • Aeronautical engineering, 
    • Polymer Engineering
    • Agricultural engineering, 
    • Automotive engineering, 
    • Environmental engineering, 
    • Marine engineering,
    • Industrial engineering, 
    • Information Technology, 
    • Software engineering, 
    • Computer engineering, 
    • Chemical engineering, 
    • Biomedical engineering, 
    • Biochemical engineering, 
    • Electronic engineering, 
    • Systems engineering, 
    • Civil engineering, 
    • Textile engineering, 
  • Master in Engineering or Master in Technology
    • Software engineering, 
    • Distributed computing, 
    • Biomedical engineering
    • Chemical plant design, 
    • Aerodynamics, 
    • Hydraulics and water, 
    • Resource engineering, 
    • VLSI design, 
    • Microelectronics, 
    • Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, 
    • Chemical Process Design, 
    • Advanced Computing, 
    • Power Systems, 
    • Instrumentation and Control Systems, 
    • Thermal Engineering, 
    • Mechatronics Engineering, 

What are the eligibility criteria for the best private engineering colleges in India?

Each university has its eligibility criteria. But the common criteria are details like age, academic qualifications, and qualifying marks. 

Some colleges conduct admission through entrance exams and some do not conduct the compulsory entrance exam. 

Here are the general requirements for the best private engineering colleges in India

  • Candidates must have scored 10+2 or equivalent examinations with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as core subjects.
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 60% for admission to top private engineering colleges in India.
  • Candidates applying for ME/Mtech must have completed BE/Btech with a valid GATE score.

What are the career opportunities after your study in the best private engineering colleges in India?

If you have relevant skills and are a deserving student, you can easily get a job after completing a Bachelor of Engineering. 

You can get a job through campus placement or by applying from outside and going through the hiring process. 

We have listed below the career opportunities you can do after your studies.  

  • BTech/MTech career in information technology 
    • Computer specialist, 
    • Software developer, 
    • PHP Developer,
    • Quality Analyst, 
    • Technical Consultant, 
    • Network engineer, 
    • Computer Programmer, 
  • BTech/MTech career in mechanical engineering 
    • Research and Development Supervisor, 
    • Control and instrumentation engineer.
    • Maintenance engineer,
    • Construction engineer, 
    • Automotive Engineer, 
  • BTech/MTech Software Engineering Career 
    • Data Scientist. 
    • Companies recruiting computer scientists, 
    • Scrum Master.
    • Cyber security engineer, 
    • Cloud Engineer
    • Machine learning engineer, 
    • Python developer, 

We, at Chitkara University, are here to provide you with the best learning for your studies and a superior placement offer. We are proud to be among the best private engineering colleges in India. With many achievements and successes for our students, you will also be the future of engineering. So join us now.


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