What are the top Career options after 12th?

Students frequently come to believe that their class 12 board scores determine their future. This is not entirely accurate. The results of these tests are significant, without a doubt, but only if the students are aware of the track they want to take in terms of their careers and are able to make the most of their results.

What Should I Do After My 12th Grade? After graduating from high school, students have a wide range of options for diploma, degree, and certificate programs. You could find it confused as a result. The best course to enrol in is the one that most interests you. Chitkara University is a leading university in India that offers diverse courses that generate the greatest job opportunities following the 12th grade.

For Science Students:

You must have taken physics, chemistry, and either biology, which includes zoology and botany, or mathematics as a science student. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is referred to as PCB, whereas Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics is referred to as PCM. Students can pick from a wide range of educational opportunities in both of these sectors.

B.Sc – When you earn your score from the 12th grade board test as a science student, one of the most popular undergraduate programs you may enrol in is B.Sc. or Bachelor of Science. The majority of institutions in India offer this three-year program. It offers a variety of academic, research, and scientific employment choices for students.

B.Arch – The undergraduate bachelor of architecture curriculum lasts five years. Students study about building and architecture in this graduate course. Additionally, they must pass the National Aptitude Test in Architecture in order to enrol for a B.Arch program in top architecture colleges in India.

B.Tech – One of the most popular degree options for students who choose PCM in their 12th grade is the Bachelor of Technology. They have access to several technical prospects in the industries of electronics, automobiles, computer software, mechanical, civil, and aerospace. All engineering courses are offered as four-year programs at various top colleges in India.

BCA – The course known as BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) assists students in developing their computer science abilities. The best candidates for this course are those who want to work in the data industry. Additionally, after passing this course, individuals can pursue employment in graphic design, web development, and other fields.

B.Pharma – A bachelor’s degree in pharmacy is known as a B.Pharm. Your research into cutting-edge pharmaceuticals and therapies for both deadly and non-fatal ailments will be aided by this four-year degree.

For Arts Students:

BA Honours – Even with the advent of various new courses for a career in the arts, the bachelor of arts remains the most popular option for students in the art stream after their 12th grade year. There are two options for students to sign up for this course and select their courses. Direct admission is the first route to take, and passing the relevant entrance test with the necessary score is the second. English, history, geography, political science, psychology, and other topics are available in this sector.

BFA – Students who are imaginative, enthusiastic about painting, sketching, and drawing, and who want to pursue a career in the visual arts, might consider a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Additionally, people who desire to pursue careers in industries like interior design can benefit from taking this course.

BJMCBachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is ideal for students who are really interested in pursuing a career in media and journalism are best suited for this three-year program.

For Commerce Students:

BBA – A Bachelor of Business Administration degree is an option for those who are thinking about a career in management or administration. For students who are interested in learning about management dynamics and finding solutions to practical business administration challenges, this undergraduate training program provides the finest employment options following high school. However, it is advised that you look into the campus placements of any institute you find that offers this degree.

B.Com – After finishing their 12th grade, majority of commerce students choose to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree. You may become adept in economics, financial accounting, business statistics, and more with this three-year curriculum. You have the choice of B.Com or B.Com Honours depending on your board exam results. Similar subjects are covered in both degrees, but the B.Com. Honours curriculum is more in-depth, which accounts for its greater worth.


After finishing their 12th grade, students can choose from a range of courses offered in India, but they must first consider their interests, motivations, and goals. The primary fields from which students can choose include engineering, architecture, design, law, applied science, business studies, management, behavioural and social sciences, economics, media, and more. Chitkara University offers a myriad range of courses across all these verticals to help undergraduate students chase their passions and kick-start their dream careers.

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