Top Engineering Courses in India in 2022: Scope, Career & Placement

Top Engineering Courses in India in 2022: When it comes to choosing a course in college, we often spend time researching its pros and cons. It includes the scope of that course in the long run, which means its demand in the industry, the career options and the placement opportunities in top companies. As much as your interest in that course is important, what’s equally necessary is the growth factor linked to the course.

Top Engineering Courses in India in 2022

Engineering is such a vast field which offers a lot of specialisations ranging from computer science, civil, mechanical, electronics, etc. This list goes on, but it is true not every course offers the same career opportunities. Some courses are in high demand now, but are liable to decline in the coming years. This may depend on a lot of factors including technological advancements, industrial growth, demand and supply ratio of employers v/s employees, etc.

Scope, Career & Placement

Here, we are discussing some top engineering courses in India in 2022, along with their scope, career and placements:

Computer Science Engineering

You must be very well aware of the fact that the IT industry is growing at an exponential rate, and the transition of everything to the digital market like computer systems is tremendous. Computer science engineering is in very high demand today, and it is evident that this demand factor will stay. Not only the IT industries require engineers in this field, but each and every business ranging from commerce to design to textiles to finance, etc. require their work online and through computer systems.
Programming language, software development, coding, program management, are just some of the features of the computer science course. All of these skills are highly required in the market and skilled professionals in this field are paid well.

Some of the career options include software developer, data analyst, data engineer, cyber security specialist, machine learning engineer, project manager, web developer, etc.
Popular companies which actively hire computer science engineers: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, Wipro, Amazon, all large scale and small scale industries/ businesses, etc.

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

If you are someone who is interested in electrical circuits, appliances, signal systems, communication technology, gadgets, then this might be a suitable course for you! Telecommunication and electronics industry is ever-growing and this will stay in demand for years to come.

Some of the career options include network engineer, R&D software engineer, software analyst, technical analyst, desktop support engineer etc.

Popular companies which actively hire Electronics and Communication engineers: BHEL, HPCL, ISRO, BSNL, other industries and businesses, etc.

Information Technology Engineering

Similar to computer science engineering, information technology engineering covers computer systems, IT networking, web applications, artificial intelligence systems (AI), computing as in mobile and website gaming, etc. With the growing IT industry, this specialisation has attracted a number of students to pursue the field in their higher education.

Some of the career options include: database analyst, computer technician, computer support specialist, machine learning engineer, data scientist, software engineer, web developer, security analyst, etc.

Popular companies which actively hire information technology engineers: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Samsung, Wipro, Infosys, HP, Dell, all industries and businesses requiring IT/ computer specialists, etc.

Mechanical Engineering

Involving the working mechanisms of the machineries employed in various industries, mechanical engineering is one of the most sought after course specialisations in the field.
The studies involve engineering, physics, material sciences and machinery applications. If you find yourself inclined towards automobiles, product designing or manufacturing, then this might be a good option for you!

Some career options include civil engineer, mechanical engineer, control engineer, instrumentation specialist, construction engineer, manufacturing engineer, automobile engineer, etc.

Popular companies which actively hire mechanical engineers: TATA, DRDO, Reliance Industries, Mahindra & Mahindra, other small scale and large scale industries.
Electrical engineering

As you must already be aware of, electrical engineering is not only chosen by many students as the stream, but is also equally offered by most of the colleges. The studies/ subjects include control systems, circuit analysis, electronics, instrumentation, magnetism, physics, design, application and systems, etc.

Some career options in this stream include electrical engineering, telecommunication engineering, electrical design engineering, instrumentation engineering, technical engineer, etc.

Placement opportunities & the popular companies which actively hire electrical engineers: Bajaj, BHEL, Siemens, Reliance, Crompton Greaves (CGL), other industries which depend on electrical circuiting and networking, etc.

Civil Engineering

The branch of engineering which involves infrastructure, its construction processes, and the design, maintenance, planned architecture of the overall system. The construction projects never take a pause in a modern country like India, and civil engineers’ skills are in very high demand as of now. Highways, bridges, tunnels, and metro construction projects are everywhere seen around us; this is just one of the reasons why building planning and surveying are required. Civil engineering subjects and major studies involve materials, mechanism, construction technology, geology, structural analysis, building design, etc.

Some career options in this stream include CAD technician, rural and urban transport engineer, structural engineer, design engineer, nuclear engineer, site engineer, building surveyor, etc.

Placement opportunities & top companies which actively hire civil engineers: Larsen & Toubro, NCC, Atkins, Vinci, etc.
Chemical engineering

As the name suggests, it is the branch that involves the study of chemical reactions and processes in the field of engineering. Industries like fertilizer, pesticide industry, petroleum and oil industry, food manufacturing industry, require chemical engineers for the skillful work.

Placement opportunities & top companies which actively hire chemical engineers: ONGC, Reliance, Essar Oil Ltd., Fertilizer industries, Gujarat Gas company, Petroleum/ food processing industries, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned courses, other top specializations include biochemical engineering, aerospace engineering, artificial intelligence, cyber security specialization, data science, agriculture engineering, etc. The list goes on: there are many options to choose from today!

Having discussed the top engineering courses in India in 2022, it is equally important to pick what you think is the best choice for you! Remember, when you pursue what you actually like, you shine!

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