The 5 Most In-Demand Career Fields for BBA Program Graduates

BBA Program Graduates

How many of you wonder what the finest professions are following a BBA? BBA is one of the most well-liked graduation courses that individuals enrol in after finishing their studies. A BBA degree from Chitkara University is helpful in the modern world.

After earning a BBA degree, one can pursue post-graduation coursework or apply for one of the below-mentioned career options that are some of the most in-demand professions amongst students after graduating from top BBA colleges.

Masters in Business Administration:

One of the top courses after BBA is the MBA, which is the most popular course offered to students. After earning a BBA, you have a variety of job opportunities, but for those who wish to continue their education, an MBA from a top B-school in India appears like the best option.

You are able to seek leadership positions in a variety of industries, such as banking, finance, and others if you have a Master of Business Administration degree. After completing a two-year MBA programme from Chitkara University, you can apply for managerial positions in corporate areas including sales, business development, human resources, and finance.

You can take on leadership positions in firms across a variety of sectors after earning an MBA. You study engagement, employee performance, driving change, leadership, project management, strategic thinking, and many other pertinent subjects in the MBA program. You’ll be required to address complex business issues that pop up every day in a company.

Data Science:

Many individuals believe that datascience is exclusively for those with technical degrees. With a BBA, you can also become a data scientist!

Both organised and unstructured data provide insights for data scientists. They make strategies, formulate decisions, and assist their customers in achieving the greatest outcomes using those insights. After a BBA, it is among the best courses.

Data scientists employ information to assist their clients in developing better strategies and judgments. To carry out your obligations, you’ll need to grasp a variety of pertinent technologies, including MS Excel and Python. Data scientists build models, examine unprocessed data, and use the data to deduce the solutions to complex problems. To communicate their results to the rest of their team, they develop visuals.

Public Service:

Government positions are a common career choice for BBA graduates. You can prepare for the esteemed Union Public Service Commission’s civil services examination.

The Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Foreign Service, and other civil services are among those for which UPSC chooses applicants based on the results of this test, which is held annually. With an average of more than a million students taking the preliminary test, it’s one of the hardest examinations in the world.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is one of the most sought-after professional paths following a BBA. You can get knowledge about digital marketing and aid online business expansion. Digital marketers have become more valuable as the internet market has grown. The current market value of digital marketing is $68 billion. In addition to other factors that made this one of the greatest courses available after a BBA, it is expanding quickly.

In order to grow their business, digital marketers assist their customers in creating a strong online presence. To increase their clients’ visibility, they employ SEO and SEM. Similar to this, they assist their customers to choose the ideal social media networks for them and then show them how to use those platforms to their advantage.

To get the required outcomes, they use a variety of marketing approaches including Paid Campaigns, Content Marketing, and others. We educate you about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Content Marketing, Analytics, and other pertinent skills in our digital marketing course.

Blockchain Manager:

The blockchain was made famous by Bitcoin. Modern technology is what blockchain is. It may be thought of as a distributed open ledger that effectively and permanently records transactions between parties.

Although the initial focus of blockchain was on digital money, it has now expanded significantly. Blockchain is being used by several businesses and organisations to address their issues. Some people have begun utilising it, while others are coming up with novel methods to use it. However, because it’s a new technology, there is a tremendous need for blockchain specialists.

You will develop solutions, prototypes, and proofs of ideas based on this technology as a blockchain specialist. You’ll utilise a distributed ledger and smart contracts to build distributed apps. You will learn about many other blockchain ideas in our blockchain curriculum, including P2P networks, cryptography, and ICOs. All the skills can be attained by pursuing special courses in Blockchain Technology at Chitkara University.

Numerous businesses are searching for blockchain professionals, including those in the financial, software, and healthcare sectors. You can work as a Blockchain Application Architect, Business Analyst, Blockchain Manager, or Blockchain Consultant after finishing the programme.


Before determining which degree to choose after graduation, young people who are unsure about what to do after earning a BBA should consider the duration, level of difficulty, and cost of the programme. Any of the aforementioned top courses following a BBA will guarantee you a wonderful job so you may kick-start your career.



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