Job Opportunities and Future Scope of CSE in Cloud Computing

CSE in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the most common buzz and ubiquitous in IT companies by making their lives easier and simpler than ever. You might be considering how cloud computing is making life easier in IT companies. Although, you don’t need to be a tech person to understand or to have a career in Cloud computing.

Cloud computing is used to store, manage and process data by using remote servers or network servers hosted by the Internet. According to IBM “Cloud Computing is computing as a service over the Internet”.

Understanding the Needs of Cloud Computing

The “Cloud” is the next generation of computing. Most organisations want to get rid of the data managing complexities and focus on their primary goals. The organisation finds cloud computing useful as it makes accessibility easier and provides virtual storage space and also simplifies the backup issues.

Data Security is the most essential part of any organisation and cloud computing offers security against unauthorised access and data loss. Cloud offers many high-level security features that make sure that the data is secured properly. Granular permission is one of the features that can restrict access to sensitive data and is shared with only authorised users. Hence, reducing the data loss and data attack.

Cloud computing provides unlimited storage space for any kind of data. The data is stored in various data storage types. These data can be stored in the cloud for backup and restore purposes.

Cloud computing enables organisations to save money by reducing the need for hardware upgrades. Finally, cloud computing helps companies reduce IT costs by allowing them to outsource some of their services.

Scope of Cloud Computing in India

During the pandemic, the organisation moved toward remote work which has created immense demand for cloud service. In 2022, it is expected the market will have 35% of growth in cloud computing. Hence, making it one of the most demanded skill sets in the IT sector. Cloud computing has many exciting career opportunities such as cloud migration, AWS/Azure, SAP, and machine learning. These are some of the top skills required in the IT Sector.

Why Opt for Cloud Computing as a Career?

Studies have shown that cloud computing is drastically changing the IT sector and by 2030, it is expected to have $1.6 trillion revenue in the cloud sector. Most of the industries sectors such as banking. Financial services, IT and telecom services will be using cloud computing

Below are the reasons why cloud computing:
High-Demand: The cloud computing roles are growing fast in the industry. If you have the right skill, you can easily get a job in cloud computing.

Blooming Field: Cloud computing has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to store data and run applications online. Many industrialists have already realized the true potential of cloud computing and they are offering a huge number of jobs for cloud computing professionals.

Job Role Variations: Cloud computing professionals will not only be limited to one type of job role but can also take their specialization in cloud architect, cloud administrator, cloud security, cloud engineer, and many more.

High-Salary: With the demand for cloud computing, the pay scale of these jobs is drastically increasing. The cloud computing professionals with good skill sets are getting a very good salary package

Salary Package of Cloud Computing Professionals

The salary of cloud computing professionals depends on the skill set of the individual. Candidates at entry-level can earn around Rs 5 lakhs per annum in India. Cloud Computer professionals with good experience of more than 10 years can earn up to Rs. 1 crore per annum.

How to Become A Cloud Computing Professional?

As per the career perspective, it is necessary to have the proper skill set to enter this area. Students can enroll themselves in the Bachelors of Technology (Btech). Many universities are offering a specialization in cloud computing during their bachelor’s degrees. Chitkara University is one of the renowned universities that propose specialization in cloud computing and virtualization. They cover all the emerging technologies and architectures of cloud computing in their course.

After the completion of the degrees, you will be able to work as cloud security specialists, cloud developers, cloud engineers, cloud architects, and many more in an IT company.

Top Companies for Cloud Computing Professionals

1. AWS
2. Google
3. Microsoft
4. IBM Cloud
5. Oracle Cloud
6. VMware cloud
7. Salesforce

Cloud computing is a smart choice for starting your career. The industries are evolving and so as technologies, hence, the opportunities are endless. Upskill yourself to become more resourceful in the emerging industries by enrolling in B.E CSE with Cloud computing and Virtualisation Technology. You can also opt for the 5 years B.E. and M.E in Chitkara University for better education.

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