How To Find The Right BBA Program: A Guide

One of the greatest professional degrees to possess is a BBA. This degree is very promising and can lead to rewarding opportunities in management. The majority of institutions and elite colleges in the nation, such as Chitkara University now offer the BBA degree. This degree is intended to be comparable to an MBA on a bachelor’s scale. Additionally, this degree offers specializations exactly like an MBA.

These specialities determine the industry in which you will work in management. If, after earning your BBA, you decide to focus on human resources, you have the option of finding employment in a company’s human resources division or continuing your education to earn an MBA in human resources.

Top BBA Specialisations in India:

Business Administration:

Students who desire to enter the administration and management side of any firm should pursue a BBA in business administration. This degree teaches you the foundational ideas and principles of business administration, which are applicable to a wide range of industries.

With this degree, you can enter the management side of a company, where there is a lot of room for advancement and salary. Even changing industries is possible.

International Business:

It makes a lot of sense to choose International Business as your BBA concentration in today’s globalized society. With this degree, you can work for global corporations or even find employment abroad. Since the focus of this degree is operating businesses globally, you also study international commerce, tax, and accounting legislation.

You will be in high demand as a candidate in global corporations and foreign businesses if you have a BBA in international business. The pay scale, benefits, and career chances are all quite good.

Computer Application:

The trend of computer applications is here to stay. The time has come. You will learn how to create computer apps and programs with this concentration. Additionally, a BBA will prepare you to manage development teams in addition to producing.

The BBA in Computer Application is the best degree option for those who desire to work in the IT sector. It boasts some of the highest-paid professionals and is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. So, once you land a job in IT, you already know you’re headed in the right direction.


Students who have a penchant for math and strong analytical and reasoning abilities can consider specializing in finance in their BBA. Finding an administrative position in the finance department would be a wise career choice because it is one of the most crucial departments in a business.

Due to the high salaries associated with finance-related positions, many finance professionals go on to establish their own consulting and advising firms after gaining the necessary expertise and qualifications.


With a BBA in Entrepreneurship, you are empowered to launch your own business. The students gain a thorough understanding of starting a business from scratch as well as the regulations and legislation that must be adhered to.

Students who aspire to join and expand their family enterprises should pursue a BBA in Entrepreneurship. Alternately, you may build and expand an existing small firm, or you could even join one.


The majority of businesses offer goods or services, and in order to do so, they must promote their products or services. The department of marketing is in charge of this. You can get an executive-level position in the marketing division with a BBA in marketing. If you want to be successful in marketing, you must have strong interpersonal and sales abilities.

Executives in marketing earn a nice livelihood. You must work in the field as part of this job. Marketing professionals receive various perks and advantages in addition to a competitive income. As a result, many students choose to specialize in this field.

Sports Management:

Students can study sports management by specializing in a BBA in Sports Management. This emerging industry is still young but has the potential to grow to be one of the most lucrative ones. Graduates from the BBA program who specialize in this field may manage athletic events, sports teams, athletes, merchandise, and more.

There are a lot of opportunities to earn a fantastic income because this is a new sector. You may handle many different parts of sports management and pursue a profession in it for the rest of your life.

How to Choose Your Specialisation:

Create Lists: Segregate everything that is offered in the college or institution of your choosing as specialities, and then build a list of those specializations. In order to make an informed decision, it’s critical to start with the correct knowledge. The list provided above will also be useful and time-saving.

Research – Thoroughly research each speciality. Examine topics like course costs, career prospects, the degree’s market worth, beginning pay, etc. This will enable you to reduce your options to a select handful.

Evaluate Pros and Cons – Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the few remaining specialities. You will have a clearer idea of the situation after reading this, and you’ll know which option is the best.


Making the best choice requires knowledge of all specialities, which is half the fight won. The BBA program offered at Chitkara University is becoming immensely popular in India, and it may soon surpass other traditional undergraduate programs.

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