Tech Transfers

Following technologies have been transferred to industries with support from Chitkara University TEC.

S. No Title Lead Inventor App. No. Licensee
1 Self-curing Concrete Comprising of Agro-waste Dr. Varinder S. Kanwar 202011045914 Himhemp Ecofriendconc Pvt. Ltd.
2 Device for determining and analyzing soil quality with location Dr. Sartajvir Singh 20211109032 Aiotronics Automation Pvt. Ltd.
3 System for Controlling Traffic at an Intersection Gaurav Goyal 201911045568 Anukai Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
4 A Device for Monitoring Health Parameters Dr. Shalli Rani 201911007068 Cutting Edge Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd.
5 Health Monitoring System for Pregnant Women and Fetus Dr. Shalli Rani 202011030405 Cutting Edge Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd.
6 A Handwritten Text Recognition System And Method Dr. Harjeet Singh 201911022745 Paramatrix Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh
7 Augmented Reality Based Zone Simulation Apparatus Narinder Pal Singh 201911005921 Paramatrix Info Solutions Pvt.Ltd., Chandigarh
8 Landslide Detection Device Udit Jindal 201911018904 Deep Builders, Baddi, H.P.
9 An Efficient Fire Extinguishing Apparatus Dr. Sheifali Gupta 201911028987 RKC Constructions Pvt. Ltd., Mohali
10 System, Vessel And Method For Cleaning Water Body Dr. Shalli Rani 201911025978 Parul Infra, Solan
11 Augmented Reality Based Interactive Table Assembly Dr. Amanpreet Kaur 201911038608 Bansal Graphics
12 Toilet Assembly Dr. Deepali Gupta 201911040113 Fairbuilt, Chandigarh
13 Augmented Reality Based Learning System And Method For K-map Logic Designs Rubina Dutta 201911025977 I. T Matic, Mohali
14 Augmented Reality Based Learning System And Method For Electronic Circuits Dr. Bhanu Sharma 201911025477 Next Generation Computers, Chandigarh
15 System And Method Of Automatic Switching Between Antennas For Providing Continuous Cellular Signals Dr. Sachin Ahuja 201911018653 Rasnal Telecom, Chandigarh