IP Services

Chitkara University has a dedicated IPR cell with patent attorneys on board. University has an easy patent policy in place which keeps the inventor free from all legal hassles and no fee (Government fee or attorney fee) is to be paid by the inventors. This cost of filing and maintaining the patents is borne by the University.

Also, to promote research, the University policy gives the inventor 90% of commercial rights and the rest 10% for the University for sustaining the ecosystem. Patent attorneys work on the application filing, and its related work (prior art, description of the patent, well-meaning diagrams, etc.) Students and faculty can freely interact with the patent cell on their own.

In addition to patent filling we do a lot of activities in order to create IPR awareness not only in the university but also in the whole region. Twice we conducted national level workshops on IPR in with support from MeitY, GoI.

Chitkara University is one of the top universities of the country in terms of number of patent fillings in a year.

Please reach out to Dr. S.N Panda - Director, Research, CURIN, snpanda@chitkara.edu.in for any queries related to IPR.