Fabrication Facility

Chitkara University has fabrication facility for in-house design and fabrication of most of the project prototypes. Fabrication facility has been built under Chitkara University NewGen IEDC.

Department of Science and Technology (DST), GOI has set up a New Generation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center (NewGen IEDC) at Chitkara University and has given us a grant of INR 2.87 Crores to support upto 100 student projects that have potential to become technology-driven start-ups. Below is a list of equipment available at the fabrication facility –

3D Printer

Name - Pramaan 200 Pro 3D Printer
Make – Global 3D Labs
Website - Click here
Overview – The print volume is 500 X 500 X 500 mm, resolution 0.1mm, print material PLA, ABS

3-Axis CNC Vertical Milling Machine

Name – HURCO VM10i
Make – HURCO
Website - Click here
Overview - X, Y, Z axis travel is 660*406*508 mm, Number of tools adapted by the machine is 20, Table size is 762*406 mm and can withstand maximum weight of 680 kg.

CNC Trainer Milling Machine

Name – HEM 12
Make – 3D Technologies
Website - Click here
Overview - X,Y,Z axis travel is 300*200*200mm, Table size is 700*200 mm. Steel cutting machine with CAD/CAM compatibilities.

CNC Trainer Lathe Machine

Name – MCL 12
Make – 3D Technologies
Website -Click here
Overview - Steel cutting machine having flatbed, CAD/CAM compatibilities. Swing over axis 75 mm, Travel in X, Z axis is 125, 250mm respectively.

Laser Cutting Machine

Name – UT-1410
Make – Jinan UnionTech Machinery Co. Ltd.
Overview It works by directing the output of a high-power laser to cut the desired shape in 2D mainly on a cardboard of upto 6 mm thickness and acrylic sheet of 10-15 mm of thickness.

PCB Fabrication Machine

Name – Voltera V1
Make – Reddx Technologies Pvt Ltd
Website - Click here
Overview - PCB prototyping platform that supports circuit printing, drilling, solder paste, reflow, Supports double sided printing, Minimum trace width – 0.2mm, pitch -0.65mm, maximum board thickness – 3mm, print area – 135x113.5mm, Supported file format – Garber