Shaping the future of marketing with digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Marketing a product is one of the most vital activity an organisation or an entrepreneur will ever undertake. Through marketing, you can connect with your customers and engage with them; create awareness about your product, service, or brand; and sell your products to a broader audience. Effective marketing is the key to the success of any brand and is the only way to ensure that the company sees sustainable growth in the near future.

Today, when everything has gone digital, why should marketing stay behind? Digital Marketing is the act of selling products and services on the internet—especially on social media, through search engines (SEO), and on mobile apps. As the world increasingly adopts connected mobile devices for their everyday use, it is a natural progression for digital marketing to follow suit. Today, companies clamour for top rankings on Google searches, place ads on social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and deliver targeted ads to readers on websites to get their attention.

Most marketing teams that shied away from digital marketing understood the massive potential of the internet during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was only through digital marketing that people could know what products and services were available and where they could order them from. Food delivery services, hospitals, vaccination programs, support centres, and everyone else who wanted to keep their business alive during the pandemic had to take a crash course in digital marketing and jump right in to survive.

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Like offline advertising and marketing, digital marketing concentrates on some distinct delivery channels. These delivery channels include:

  • Search engines such as Google and Yahoo!
  • Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit provide
  • Online ads on blogs and other web pages
  • Affiliate marketing on e-commerce portals such as Amazon,
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing on mobile apps

With the constantly rising number of people that have started using the internet, delivering meaningful content and advertising brands to them has become the most critical job in the world, and that is the job of the digital marketing team.

To put things into perspective, the search volume for “Digital Marketing Courses” was merely 60k in early 2019. Today, this rose to 90k in May 2020 and has breached the 140k mark. This means that twice as many people are interested in the digital marketing industry to see how they can get a slice of the online customer pie.

Courses in Digital Marketing, such as those offered by Chitkara University, are an excellent way for any marketing professional to begin their online success story. As the number of products and services being offered exclusively online rises by the day, an organisation must hire a competent digital marketing team so they can experience growth like never before! Students pursuing these courses at institutes such as Chitkara University learn the nuances of marketing and gain practical application of these concepts in the real world.

It is downright impossible to sell your goods and services online without digital marketing. This means that organisations, large or small, must hire a competent digital marketing team or professional to create an effective digital marketing strategy and implement it to ensure business growth.

Just like advertising began on radio and TV a few years ago, digital marketing is the newest entrant in the advertising and marketing scene and is here to stay. Professionals and students of digital marketing can take advantage of this vast, untapped market of companies that have not yet made the shift to selling their products online. This, and the rising demand for marketing professionals worldwide, make it an exceedingly important career option for everyone.



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