How an MBA Can Give You An Edge Over Other Master’s Degrees

A postgraduate degree such as an MS/ME/MTech/LLM/MA/MSc can help you in many ways. It helps you find a more specialised job and gives you an edge over graduates with better pay and faster career progression. However, most of these degrees are highly technical and lack management, leadership, social entrepreneurship principles, business ethics, economy & business, innovative business process, human resource management, organisational designs, sustainability, product development, services management, creating agile workforce, etc. in their curriculum, which is vital for senior roles in organisations. However, postgraduates looking to bag managerial or leadership roles either end up waiting for years or do not get the opportunity to do so due to a lack of management and leadership skills. This is where an MBA comes in.

An MBA, or a master’s degree in business administration, is a postgraduate program for those who wish to embark on a leadership or management position in their organisation of any kind from any industry domain or setup. The MBA program helps professionals think critically, strategically, and globally like managers or leaders. There are several advantages of pursuing from best MBA colleges in North India such as Chitkara Business School. These include:

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Choosing a Specialisation that Works Best for You

With choices ranging from general management to investment banking, corporate finance, wealth management, international business, healthcare management, public health, logistics and supply chain management, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, business analytics, economics, and data science, human resource management, strategic management, marketing, finance and banking, entrepreneurship, operations, HR and more, you can choose a domain that you best relate to while pursuing an MBA.

The best Avenue for a Career Change

Pursuing an MBA is possibly the best decision you will ever take if you’re looking to rejuvenate your career. 30% of all MBA students use skills they learn during their MBA to work in roles or industries they had not worked in earlier. This is why MBAs are more valuable later in your professional career. 61% of the curriculum is focused on employability skills.

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Perfect for Networking and Long-Term Career Growth

You meet fellow students, professors, and industry people with a lot of management experience and access the extensive alumni network of business schools. This helps you spearhead your career and connect with people worldwide. Industry experts teach you in the class and it is real-time learning coming directly from a practitioner which creates a difference.

The Salaries Make you Smile

MBAs are most popular for the job security and high salaries they offer. MBA graduates often earn much more than those with a master’s degree, making them an investment worth it in every aspect.

You get the Smarts to Start Your Own Business

Suppose you’re embarking on a business opportunity or taking an entrepreneurial plunge as an MBA. In that case, you will make informed business decisions due to the nature of your course of study during your management program. As you think critically and tread with caution, you can also leverage the extensive alum network for tips and guidance. A report by GMAC stated that nearly 85% of B-School alums formed their own companies.

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Perfect for Executives

MBAs are perfect for executives and working professionals as they can pursue these courses as a part of their sabbatical, during weekend classes in an executive program, or even online, helping them work and study simultaneously.

Good to go Global with

B-school graduates often end up with plush international assignments that help them to travel the world for work—making it a win-win situation for the student.

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Hands On

MBA is more like experiential program for those who want to get exposed to the world of business and industry. The program is designed in a way that students get multiple international opportunities at national and international levels for learning the concepts by live practicing them in industry. Capstone Project, live projects, and assignments by Professors of Practice and Academia keep you posted with the latest happenings around. MBA students write projects, file patents, and write research papers and white papers during projects with industry that enhance their hands-on exposure to various business management concepts.

As an MBA, you get into a management or leadership role at the outset, helping you move up the corporate ladder much faster than regular graduates. Graduates from prestigious B-schools often start at mid-or mid-senior management roles, helping them reach “C-level” positions earlier in life. This is one of the primary reasons MBAs are so popular with young professionals wishing to get ahead in life.

Chitkara Business School among top colleges for MBA offers a wide array of business management programs. Covering specialisations in domains such as MBA in Banking and Finance, HR Healthcare, Health IT, Public Health, Supply Chain and Logistics, MBA in Business Analytics, Sales, Retail, Pharma, Banking, Financial Services and Financial Planning, you can find the course that best suits your profile. Their world-class faculty, hands-on education approach, industry-specific guest lectures, and vibrant alumni network make an MBA from Chitkara School of Business an investment that makes business sense!

Professional degrees such as an MBA help you gain practical leadership skills valid across industry verticals and specialisations. MBA graduates often work as cross-domain management specialists, helping organisations maximise their potential. Additionally, the general management skills gained during an MBA program will help you think holistically and become a problem-solver valued in every sphere of life.

MBA is an essential degree for those who wish to start their career in industry, gain a good amount of experience, and turn into successful entrepreneurs in their later years of profession. It assures you a career and not only a job.


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