High Paying Jobs with MBA degrees – The Right Business Education

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is without a doubt one of the most valuable degrees in recent times. It teaches you advanced business skills and enhances your earning potential. MBA doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree in business, students from any field with a bachelor’s degree can pursue MBA. This advanced degree is a 2-year course which equip students with important business and management skills such as analysis, leadership, and long-term strategizing. How much you can earn after your MBA depends on a number of factors, one of such factors is specialization. There are multiple specializations in MBA like:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance
  • Business Analytics
  • Healthcare Management
  • Marketing Management

If we notice job listings today, most of them say “MBA preferred”, this clearly denotes the importance of this degree. If you have the required skillset and specific specialization then MBA can offer you a huge amount of income. Some of the highest paying MBA jobs are as follows:

Marketing Manager

None of the companies and their businesses can work without marketing. Any product manufactured or services provided by companies cannot reach the audience without marketing and advertisement. Marketing Manager is a lucrative career option for anyone who enjoys creative advertisement. The best part about this career is that it is extremely diverse in terms of the tasks an individual performs. They help companies create marketing materials, designing of these materials, create websites, perform institute and public campaigns, etc. These tasks bring more traffic audience to the companies. This job goes with the current trends and thus can never become monotonous. The average salary of a Marketing Manager in India is 7LPA. This varies according to the company, city, and experience you have.

Senior Product Manager

The Senior Product Manager takes care of the production of new products from start to finish. They are usually a part of the technology sector and help in the creation of websites, digital products, mobile devices, applications, etc. They possess advanced creative and strategic thinking as they study what customers want and what sells best for the company. They are in charge of the financial as well as the production side of the product. They keep track of the whole process and keep the team on a strict calendar in order to launch the product at the stipulated time. Product managers are great at negotiating, practicing empathy, and analytical and resourceful insights in the whole process. The average salary of a Senior Product Manager in India is 25LPA.

Investment Banker

Investment Banking is a special banking operation that helps organizations and individuals to raise their capital and also gives them financial consultancy services. It is one of the most complex financial mechanisms in the world. They serve multiple business entities and purposes. Investment Bankers provide various types of financial services such as proprietary trading for their own accounts, leveraged finance that comprises lending money to different firms to purchase assets and settle acquisitions, and restructuring by improving the structure of the companies to make their business more efficient. One of the major qualities of an Investment Banker is risk-taking and communication. The average salary of an Investment Banker in India is 10LPA.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts help organizations in making better business decisions by using and analysing the data and other information. A Business Intelligence Analyst analyses the data like the company revenue, sales, customer engagement metrics, market information, trends, etc. The key part of a Business Intelligence Analyst is finding patterns or areas in the data that can be improved. They analyse market trends in order to make the company adapt its products. They also share their findings in the form of graphs and visuals with the decision-makers and the clients. They give recommendations on the basis of the analysis performed. The average salary of a Business Intelligence Analyst in India is 7LPA.

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer is an executive in charge of the long-term financial goals of a corporation. They work with other managers to obtain funding from the investors, perform analysis of the benefits and ensure that financial reporting is accurate and timely. They are mostly from Finance specialization in MBA. Chief Financial Officer is the top executive position in the financial industry. They are financial controllers who handle everything from cash flow to taxation issues to financial planning. Financial reports completed and analyzed under CFO must adhere to the financial standards. To become a CFO, one must have some experience in the industry. The average salary of a Chief Financial Officer in India is 34LPA.

Although an MBA degree may seem pricey, one must consider post-MBA salary. This makes our decision to go to a business school clearer. The global network, huge salary, career progression, and the liberty to switch industry after an MBA makes the ROI of this degree worth it. Chitkara Business School at Chitkara University offers MBA with different specializations for its students to excel professionally and personally. It offers MBA in Marketing, Finance and Banking, Logistics and Supply Chains, Business Analytics, Human Resource and Management, Healthcare Management, Sales and Retail Marketing, and Pharmaceutical Marketing. Chitkara University provides the right business education for a bright future. With strong industry collaborations, the best faculties for teaching, and great innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities, Chitkara University is the answer for every MBA aspirant.

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