B.Com Specialisation at Chitkara University: A Comprehensive Guide

B.Com - chitkara University

If you have completed your senior secondary education and are now interested in pursuing the stream of commerce, then you must be at the junction of pursuing a program that is right for you.

In the commerce stream, one of the most popular study programs is B.Com. This is a program that also includes many specialisations that can be explored further. However, before you choose one particular specialisation, it can be effective to understand the course details in complete detail.

In this blog, we will take a comprehensive look at important specialisations in the B.Com study program and what they entail when it comes to gaining knowledge.

What is B.Com?

The Bachelor of Commerce program at Chitkara University is a study program that is focused on gaining advanced knowledge of subjects such as accounting, investment, wealth management, and taxes. This is a program that has a multi-disciplinary approach to equipping students with the required knowledge and skills in fields related to commerce and management.

The curriculum of a B.Com offers many certifications and practical disclosures that can equip the students with the skills required for dealing with contemporary challenges in multiple business activities.

The B.Com program offered at Chitkara University is capable of grooming students in managerial skills and pursuing opportunities in growing areas of Finance and Accounting, Banking Management, Business, and Tax Planning. This is a program that prepares students for success in achieving professional certifications.

The certifications offered at Chitkara are as follows:

  • KCAP Certification from KPMG
  • Investment Banking Operations Certification from CISI
  • Licentiate from the Insurance Institute of India
  • Tally Accounting Certification
  • Company Secretary Course with ICSI
  • CA with ICAI

Pursuing a B.Com and completing it successfully prepares students for many successful results in the long term. There are some tangible learning outcomes that students can benefit from as a result of completing this study program. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • You can develop a detailed understanding of financial statements.
  • You can acquire the professional skills necessary to use accounting information to solve a wide range of business problems.
  • You can also understand business transactions in an organisation’s accounting records and financial statements.
  • You can learn to develop the ability to use basic accounting principles.
  • It enables one to comprehend accounting concepts, principles, and frameworks for a detailed analysis.
B.Com Specialisations To Choose From

Strategic Finance In Collaboration With IMA (USA): This is a three-year undergraduate degree program that is integrated with the globally recognised Certified Management Accountant certification awarded by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), a US-based worldwide association for Accountants and Finance professionals.

This specialisation is focused on commerce aspirants who wish to build their professional expertise in Financial Planning, Decision Support, Control, Analysis, and Professional Ethics, as these are the skills demanded all across the world.

All students who pursue a B.Com (Hons) in Strategic Finance study the CMA coursework as an important part of their regular curriculum. The two parts of the CMA papers are divided into regular courses and integrated into the primary curriculum. Assessment and end-of-semester examination patterns for five courses will be online examinations aligned with IMA assessment patterns.

Applied Finance (KCAP) In Collaboration With KPMG: One of the renowned multinational companies called KPMG is a professional services network firm with a presence in over 154 countries and prominent lines of services such as Advisory, Tax, and Financial Audit.

KPMG offers courses in Applied Finance as a specialisation for B.Com. students to create a good pool of talented students who can look forward to building a successful career in Finance and Accounting. The company offers financial services with an intensive focus on Financial Statement Analysis and Modelling.

If you want to build a successful career in Applied Finance then you can focus intensively on learning Financial Statement Analysis and Modeling. The program also allows you to understand the practical aspects of Accounting and be focused on offering detailed knowledge of Accounting while becoming aware of accounting practices across industries.

Capital Markets Practice In Collaboration With Bombay Stock Exchange: To become successful in this specialisation, many students have the option of studying it under the guidance of the Bombay Stock Exchange. This is a B.Com specialisation that offers a solid understanding of the Financial Market, Policies, Practices, and Regulations.

The modules in this specialisation cover Fundamental and Technical Analysis, Financial Modelling, Debt Market, Derivatives, Credit Risk Management, Regulators and Compliance, International Trade, Fixed Income Securities, etc.

ACCA In Collaboration With ISDC: This specialisation offers a niche opportunity to students. It is designed in collaboration with the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), UK, and the International Skill Development Corporation (ISDC), UK.

The program’s curriculum is completely integrated, and the students get the opportunity to pursue ACCA qualifications in sync with the three-year undergraduate course. ACCA is a global body for professional accountants because it offers business-relevant and first-choice qualifications to people of application, ability, and ambition for a rewarding career in Accountancy, Finance, and Management.

The ACCA qualification is one of the world’s best Accountancy qualifications for all aspiring financial professionals, as it offers students the right skills, knowledge, and values to build successful careers and lead organisations into the future.

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Chitkara University enables students to pursue these specialisations and make a successful career in the field of Commerce. If you have always been interested in making a career in the field of business, then these specialisations can help you do the same.

Take the first step towards building the career of your dreams by enrolling in the B.Com program today.



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