7 Reasons to go on a Student Exchange Program

A huge number of Indian students travel and migrate across the globe every year to pursue higher education in different foreign countries and Universities. As per data obtained from the Bureau of Immigration (BOI), around 4.5 lakh students departed from India in 2021. Currently, this trend has seen a hike in students in 2022 which would be doubled by the end of the year as per several foreign education platforms. Most preferred countries and Universities were mostly located in the US, Australia, Canada and the UK.

Per number of students approaching foreign universities clearly states the fact that the opportunities, Exposure, and high scale pay packages are the top priority of Indian students. Is getting enrolled in a foreign university the only way to get such exposure? Of course not. Many colleges, Institutes, and Universities offer such opportunities to local students to experience life in the short term for great exposure to top universities through Student Exchange programs.

It is correctly stated that “life starts at the end of your comfort zone”. Do you think you have gained enough experience residing in your comfort zone? Why not give yourself a chance of having a totally new experience out of your comfort zone in foreign countries and Universities for a short duration through the Student Exchange Program.

A student exchange program is a definite period scheme of six months to years in order to pursue higher education in foreign universities. It is conducted by forming treaties with institutions of different countries.

If you are an aspiring student in India eagerly seeking an opportunity to have such a global experience, the following are some merits of enrolling in a student exchange program:

  • Upgrade Your Personality: Student Exchange program will give you a big leap and advantage in your career goals also, it will offer your life-changing and quality experience in abroad countries and foreign Universities. It will help you to develop many skills such as communication skills, social and global perspective also it will build your self-confidence and independence. Its a lifetime opportunity to gain life-enriching exposure in a very short duration of time
  • Study In foreign at a very Economical cost: this program offers you to pursue higher education at top foreign universities in a very economical way, whereas studying abroad independently would cost you thousands of dollars which is beyond the budget of many Indian students. Money is the most important factor which is considered while planning for education in foreign countries. The student exchange program is a one-stop solution for such Indian students.
  • High Employability: It will enhance your employability in today’s fast-moving world where the employment rate is very low. Recruiters nowadays are looking for candidates who have international experience and exposure but why is it so? Students having education in abroad countries have been found to be quick learners and adapt as per required situations, they have come out to be good problem solvers and team leaders. Particularly in International companies, such Candidates are an asset to the company as they are very well aware of foreign culture.
  • Earn in Global currency: High pay packages and Top positions are being offered by recruiters at campus drives for their global experience in the field. This international exposure of students is considered to be very valuable for the company’s portfolio in the market.
  • Experience New Education System: This program will introduce you to a variety of education systems that are being practiced in different countries around the world. It enables a student to achieve the best result and it will allow exchanging these education systems in different countries.
  • Learn Foreign Languages: Studying in foreign countries offers you a great chance of learning new foreign languages by completely engaging in them. It is one of the best ways to acquire and gain an understanding of a new language as it will enable you to practice in your daily life routine. The host university will offer you a formal course in the corresponding language for formal education.
  • Expand your Global Network: The student exchange program helps you to expand your network on a global level. For young adults, connections play a very vital role in building one’s career. So what’s better than international networks? A student exchange program can act as a catalyst in growing your network. You will meet a number of international students through this platform which will increase your network exponentially in a very short duration.

Fortunately, you have the chance to grab all these opportunities by enrolling yourself in a precise institute. Chitkara University, one of India’s premier private universities, offers many international programs at top foreign universities in several countries. With this program, a life-changing experience is waiting for you.

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