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Today’s digital environment has created exciting career opportunities in visual design, entertainment, gaming and technology industries.

Our 4-Year BFA in Applied Art with specialisation in New Media Design is at the intersection of visual communication, design strategy, technology sciences & user interface design. With emerging technologies & new digital devices stretching the forms of interactivity, new media designers are poised to be the key creative force in the next generation of digital media.

The 4-Year BFA in Applied Art with specialisation in New Media Design focuses on training students to develop exceptional skills to craft high-quality, professional interface designs.

Program overview

Grounded in the human centered design principles, this program leverages an approach that optimizes the interface around how users can, want, or may use the product, rather than forcing the users to change their behavior to accommodate the product. The program will focus on the tools, standards, frameworks and methods of creating, documenting, and communicating interface design across web, mobile, and large screen platforms. The studios will be more applied, where the students will learn through applying the concepts in concrete design situations under the mentorship of studio leads. To assist students in creating the trend setting interactive solutions the New Media Design Workshop offers unique hands-on experience with wearable, mobile, large format touchscreens, tangible computing and 3D printing.

Career Path

Our 4-Year BFA in Applied Art with specialisation in New Media Design will position students for a career in visual, interactive and user experience design for the digital advertising, marketing, mobile, web, application and corporate design fields. Some of the key skillsets acquired are:

  • Producing high fidelity wireframes of interaction design for web & mobile using software tools
  • HTML and CSS coding and prototyping skills
  • Designing usable web and mobile interfaces for specified requirements
  • Applying iterative design to build high-fidelity wireframes
  • Building click-through prototypes

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