Why Chitkara University Could Be Your Best Choice: Advantages to Know

Chitkara University

Your education shapes you as a person and decides many things that you will achieve in life. The things that you learn at an institution have the power to decide what you build in your life. It is for this reason that it becomes important to choose an institution that is capable of offering the best quality education.

From placements to infrastructure and rankings, there are many things that must be considered while you choosing where to study. Keeping all the important factors in mind, Chitkara University can be your best bet.

In this blog, we will discuss the top reasons why Chitkara University can be your best choice. If you have also been looking to study at a good University then keep reading to know more.

Wide Range of Courses: The fundamental feature of a good college is that it offers study programs for everyone. This means that the University can take care of a wide range of interests ranging from medicine to management, healthcare, finance, etc.

Chitkara University offers the best program choices to students. It has many options including hotel management, hospitality, business, design, accounting, journalism, mass communication, architecture, etc.

It helps to know your options because that can be further important for discovering your true interests and what is the best career option to build a strong career further.

Rankings: There are many rankings that Chitkara University has to its name. It has been ranked 181 by NIRF in 2020. It is also accredited with a prestigious A+ Grade by NAAC securing its position among the top 5% universities of India.

Chitkara University has also been rated as one of the top emerging Asian Universities by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and QS World University Rankings. It has been recognized as “The Most Promising University of Punjab For Technical Education” by Jagran Josh Education in 2022.

Affiliations and MOUs: The University is also affiliated with the University Grants Commission and other relevant programs approved by the Council of Architecture (COA), Pharmacy Council of India, National Council For Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT), etc.

Chitkara University has many MOUs signed with Canadian, Australian, and American Universities. This is something that actually enables the students to go for semester exchange and pursue research programs out of the country.

High Placement Rate: The University offers many courses and is also known to have a high placement rate. This means that even when you have completed your study program, there is no need to stress about running for off campus interview or looking for a job yourself because Chitkara takes care of everything.

Chitkara University has a record of around 500 recruiters including Oracle, Maruti, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, etc. The University also offers many range of opportunities for internship programs for most of its study programs. The internships help in gaining experience for securing better jobs after their degree.

Experienced Faculty: A University is known for its faculty and teaching methodologies. Chitkara is renowned to be run by highly experienced faculty and offer advanced teaching methods.

It does not just focus on offering theoretical knowledge to students but also practical training and application based learning which further helps students to become better at their subjects matter.

To build a successful long term career, it is also necessary that you do not just remember the facts but also understand and apply them in real life to get the best results.

Infrastructure: With a campus of as much as 50 acres and modern technology ICT equipment, Chitkara University is built with excellent features that encourage a dynamic environment.

In addition, it has cafeterias, hotels, libraries that are well equipped with internet facilities for ensuring a pleasant experience overall. The library offers study materials in many formats including books, multimedia, films, reference books, manuals, dictionaries, etc.

The cafetaria is also set up to offer nutritious and a balanced diet. Lastly, Chitkara also has many tie-ups with renowned hospitals for helping students in case of any kind of medical emergency which also covers medical insurance.

Extra-Curricular Activities: To ensure holistic development, focusing on curriculum, syllabus, academic studies and other activities is important. This makes college life memorable and also gives a life-long experience to cherish.

Chitkara University organizes many fests all through the year with the inclusion of clubs such as Drama, Music, Robotics, etc. for students who wish to explore non-academic interests. It also promotes innovation, research, and entrepreneurship with a group called “Ideas Innovate Excel.”

In the present world where small businesses can grow at a rapid pace with digital media, the University makes sure that students connect with appropriate opportunities and invest in start-up culture.

Hence, Chitkara University presents opportunities that allow students to do that. It has links with around 500 venture capitalists to make it easy for students to follow their dreams.

Values: Chitkara enables students to learn and master leadership, communication, time management, innovation, culture, etc. Students from all across the world engage together in developing a multicultural approach which does the job of adding a different dimension to the learning process.

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The collective result of the factors mentioned above makes Chitkara University one of the best places to get an education at. If you have also been looking for educating yourself in a study program of your choice then enrol for a course of your choice at Chitkara University, today.



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