MBA Behavioural Interview Questions & Sample Answers For 2023

Getting admission into a good institution in the country and getting a recognized MBA degree is a challenging endeavour. However, this challenge can get a lot tougher when you are required to step out into the actual world and get a good job.

The fundamental step towards achieving your goal is passing the MBA interview properly. This interview is an important step in the life of a fresher. To make sure that all goes well, all fresh graduates must be prepared to face the challenges.

In this blog, we will discuss the most important MBA behavioural interview questions and answers for 2023. Please keep reading to know more.

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1. Tell Us Something About Yourself.

This is the fundamental question that is asked to students during an MBA interview. It is aimed at testing your communication skills and the way in which you present yourself during an interview.

In case you do not know just how to frame your answers properly, it will become difficult to create a first impression. Make sure that you are precise and clear. The interviewer does not want to know any lengthy stories about your life which is why you should focus on the basics.

Take some time to talk about your interests, what drives you, the field you wish to do well in and a little about your family life as well. You can focus on everything by associating your answer to the interests in the field of management.

2. Why Do You Wish To Choose MBA?

As an important part of this question, the answer can be dependent on whether you are an experienced professional or a newly employed graduate. You should be able to show a genuine interest in the field of management.

You can also talk about short-term and long-term goals. Take some time to discuss the career options that you can see yourself in and the possible job roles that will be best suited for you. Finally, remember to ensure that the answer to this question is focused around your personality and resume.

3. What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

One of the best ways to answer this question is by carrying out a detailed SWOT analysis. Remember that there is no one can judge your strengths and weaknesses but you. When you answer this question, make sure that the strengths get aligned with the traits necessary for the job.

It is easy to fake your strengths in this question. Beware of that and focus on talking about only the points that you can justify easily. While talking about the weaknesses, show that you think of them as challenges and you are willing to improve.

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4. Where Do You See Yourself In The Future?

Most interviewers ask this question to get an understanding of your personality and your competency. They really wish to know whether you are a strong contender or not. Hence, you should structure your answer properly.

You can centre your answer around how you want to grow in your career. Discuss the skills that you want to acquire, how you plan to expand your knowledge and overcome your weaknesses. Be honest and your seriousness will show.

5. Do You Believe In Teamwork?

Teamwork is an important aspect of all companies. Each professional has their own individual roles and responsibilities to fulfil but the truth is that all the job roles demand team effort in different degrees.

In case you are a fresher with no experience, you can talk about workshops and activities where you can work in a team with other professionals. Talk about your ability to adapt to various changes and also respect the viewpoint of others.

Teamwork will never end on all the members agreeing to one thing. The key is to slide through these differences and find a common ground. You can mention the times when you displayed your leadership skills while working in a team.

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6. Do You Have A Role Model?

The way you answer this question reveals your definition of success to the interviewer. There is no dearth of professional success stories in all fields. You should know some of them in the field of your interest along with their achievements.

No matter who you follow as a role model, you should be clear on why he/she inspires you. List out all the qualities that you admire in someone and how you wish to follow them in a workspace.


MBA behavioural interviews are a test of your keenness to do an MBA degree. If you are able to reflect a level of seriousness, honesty, and clarity in your thinking then you will be able to succeed in these interviews.

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