Is Pharm. D Better Than B. Pharma?

Pursuing the discipline of Pharmacy is one of the best decisions when it comes to the medical field. There are many study programs in pharmaceutical science that can allow you to do well in your career.

Particularly after the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for capable pharmaceutical professionals has increased all the more. There are many career opportunities that you can pursue after gaining the right qualifications.

Two of the popular study programs are Pharm. D and B. Pharma after class 12th. In this blog, we will see more about Pharm. D and B. Pharma in complete detail. If you are interested in building a good career in the field of Pharmacy then keep reading to know more.


Pharm. D or Doctor of Pharmacy is one of the most widely known study programs with an innovative combination of a Master’s and a Doctorate degree. It spans over six years including five years of learning and one year of internship. Completing a Pharm.D prepares students for leadership regardless of the area of practice they may choose.

This is a program that focuses on refreshing the curriculum and also reflects the importance of a Pharmacist as a frontline healthcare provider. The Pharm.D program allows students to offer high-quality pharmaceutical care with the patient as the main focus and optimal drug therapy as the final goal.

Moreover, Pharm. D also focuses on knowledge of biological, chemical, social, and clinical science that underlines Pharmacy along with an understanding of patient care knowledge and special skills. The cutting-edge research initiatives and clinical services of this program allow students to foster a healthy environment that enables students to achieve career goals and pursue innovative solutions further ahead.


B. Pharma is an undergraduate program that spans over four years or eight semesters. It is a focused study program that focuses on the science behind drug production, formulation, and prescription. This is a study program that also focuses on knowing more about diseases and looking for valuable remedies through research in Pharmaceutical science.

The topics covered in this program are Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology I, Biochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Medicinal Chemistry I, etc. Some of the career opportunities available after B.Pharma are that of a Pharmacist, Analyst, Drug Researcher, Drug Inspector, etc. Some leading pharmaceutical companies, clinics, and hospitals hire professionals who have completed this degree.


Both D. Pharma and B. Pharma have their own benefits. Choosing the right study program depends completely on the career goals of a student. Chitkara University offers both these programs with its well-equipped labs and offers 100% placement support as well. Enrol in a program of your choice today and work towards building a successful career, now.



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