BSc Nautical Science, Eligibility, Syllabus, Admission Fees

Do you like oceans and are you aspiring to make a career in the marine field? Then start pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nautical Science course. Nautical Science is the study of operating different types of marine vessels safely and efficiently. It deals with navigation, cargo operations, and all legal and commercial operations pertaining to the shipping business. It imparts its learners the skills and knowledge of ship operations, navigation, technical marine equipment etc. BSc Nautical Science at Chitkara University is a 3-year academic undergraduate program that makes its students the best in their game. Nautical Science professionals take care of the safety related to lifesaving and firefighting. Chitkara University offers a 3year BSc degree in Nautical Sciences. Let us see in detail about its eligibility, syllabus, and admission fees: –


In order to get admission in BSc Nautical Science at Chitkara University, the candidate must have passed class 12th or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English as separate subjects with a PCM average of at least 60%. The candidate must have secured a minimum of 50% in the language of English in class 10th and class 12th. The candidate must pass the Directorate General of Shipping’s Fitness requirements for sea service. The person should have a clear vision with no color blindness and unaided 6/6 vision in both eyes. The minimum age limit for a candidate to enroll in this course is 18 and the maximum is 23 years. The candidate should qualify for IMU CET. A passport is mandatory for the processing of INDoS (Indian National Database of Seafarers). An entrance test similar to that of IMU CET is conducted by Chitkara University, School of Maritime Studies. The students have to qualify for this exam as well. The test comprises Multiple-Choice type questions on Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English, and General Aptitude covering the syllabus of classes 10th and 12th.


BSc Nautical Science is a 3-year degree divided into 6 semesters. Following is a detailed syllabus of the course for each semester.

Semester 1
  • English and Communication
  • Nautical Physics (Theory and Practical)
  • GSK/Seamanship – I
  • Nautical Mathematics – I
  • Fundamental of Computers – I
  • Navigation Terrestrial
  • Chartwork & RoR – I
  • Seamanship (Practical) – I
  • Workshop Practice – I
Semester 2

  • Meteorology – I
  • Nautical Mathematics – II
  • Nautical Electricity and Electronics (Theory and Practical)
  • Fundamentals of Computer – II
  • GSK/Seamanship -II
  • Coastal Navigation
  • Seamanship (Practical) – II
  • Chartwork & RoR – II
  • Workshop Practice – II
  • Ship Construction – I
Semester 3
  • Meteorology – II
  • Cargo Work – I
  • Bridge Equipment and Watchkeeping – I
  • Marine Engineering – I
  • GSK/Seamanship – III
  • Navigation Celestial – I
  • Ship Stability – I
  • Seamanship (Practical) – III
  • Chartwork and RoR – III
  • Workshop Practical – III
  • Ship Construction – II
Semester 4
  • Meteorology – III
  • Cargo Work – II
  • Bridge Equipment & Watchkeeping – II
  • Marine Engineering – II
  • GSK/Seamanship – IV
  • Navigation Celestial – II
  • Ship Stability – II
  • Seamanship (Practical) – IV
  • Chartwork & Voyage Planning – IV
  • Ship Management, Conventions & Maritime
  • Legislation (SMC) – I
  • Workshop (Practical) – IV
Semester 5
  • Meteorology – IV
  • Cargo Work – III
  • Bridge Equipment & Watchkeeping – III
  • Marine Engineering – III
  • GSK/Seamanship – V
  • Environmental Protection
  • Ship Stability – III
  • Ship Management, Conventions & Maritime
  • Legislation (SMC) – II
  • Workshop Practical – V
  • Boat work
Semester 6
  • HR Management, Development, and Leadership
  • HR Management, Development & Leadership
  • Ship Construction – III
  • Navigation Lab – Bridge Simulator
  • Ship Management, Conventions & Maritime
  • Legislation (SMC) – III
  • GSK/Seamanship – VI
  • Workshop Practical – VI
  • Ship Stability – III
  • Boat Work

At Chitkara University cadets complete the 12 months of internship on board Merchant Navy Ships. This provides the cadet exposure to the shipboard environment and enhances their practical skills in operations, maintenance and safety.

Admission Fees

The annual fee for BSc in Nautical Science at Chitkara University is Rs.3,50,000. This includes the tuition fees and hostel fees.

The fees per semester are Rs.1,75,000 which includes the following: –

  • Academic fees per semester with highly qualified faculty and well-equipped classrooms.
  • Hostel charges which have AC three-seater rooms.
  • Food charges including 4 meals a day.
  • Unlimited laundry facility.
  • One time two complete sets of uniforms for summer/winter and sports.
  • Set of all the technical textbooks.
  • Swimming pool charges.
  • Fully air-conditioned gym.
  • Spacious food court.
  • Hospital facilities etc.

Merchant Navy is a lucrative and adventurous profession. It demands young, talented and determined individuals. Once the person is on board, it changes the person’s life in many forms such as responsibility, workload, and interaction with new people. The enthusiasm and choice lead the individuals to succeed in this field. Chitkara University is a place where dreams come true. It’s a one-stop destination where a student gains academic excellence through quality training and skill development. . So if you feel you are passionate about working in the merchant navy and want to be a part of an institution with fruitful core values then Chitkara University is the right choice for you.

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