B.Com (Hons) Vs B.Com Program: Which is Better?

B.Com (Hons) Vs B.Com Program

B.Com and B.Com (Hons) are undergraduate degrees in the Commerce stream. They take three years to complete and the subjects taught in both these degrees are mostly similar. The difference in these degrees can be underlined in the approach of learning.

All Commerce aspirants must choose the degree carefully as both B.Com (Hons) and B.Com have different market value and offer different opportunities. Where B.Com is more focused on a generalized education, B.Com (Hons) is focused on specialized education.

In this blog, we will understand more about both these degrees in detail. If you are a student who is thinking of choosing any one of the two then keep reading to know more.

Bachelors of Commerce or B.Com Program:

B.Com or Bachelors of Commerce is a three year undergraduate program that focuses on imparting analytical skills along with knowledge of financial management, taxation, business laws, etc. This is a program that aims to make students job-ready within the fields of Banking, Accounting, Finance, and Insurance.

A B.Com degree offers students sufficient information required to attain a generalized understanding of all areas in the Commerce stream. That said, it must be understood that this degree does not teaches the subjects in complete detail. It offers a general idea to students about the fields and opportunities in the domain of Commerce.

Hence, it is best to understand the B.Com program as an overview of all subjects in the field of Commerce. Even though the subjects taught in this degree are the same as B.Com (Hons), the students pursuing this course cannot attain a specialization in specific subject.

Bachelors of Commerce (Hons) or B.Com (Hons) Program:

B.Com (Hons) is a business oriented degree that develops the business skills of students and also offers detailed knowledge in the field of Commerce. The students who pursue this course have an advantage if they wish to pursue Chartered Accountancy simultaneously.

When you complete a B.Com (Hons) degree, you can gain specialized knowledge in your chosen area of interest which can eventually develop your professional competency. Some of the areas that you can specialize in include Accountancy, Economics, Insurance, Finance, Banking, etc.

In case you choose to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Commerce stream then you can for B.Com (Hons) degree. As a degree that lets you specialize in subjects of your choice, the B.Com (Hons) degree may end up better career opportunities and good salary packages in the industry.


The undergraduate degree that you choose may end up deciding your professional success. Hence, it is advised that you take some time to understand what you want from your career so that you can choose the right degree between B.Com and B.Com (Hons).

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