What Specialisations does the MBA Program at Chitkara University Offer?

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Chitkara University is one of the most reputed universities in India and is known for its engineering, MBA, business, and design programs. The MBA program at Chitkara University has been designed in such a way here, that it covers a wide range of management subjects that help gain the much-needed knowledge required. The very rigorous and flexible curriculum that is specially designed keeping in mind the global market, promotes extensive career choices, not just in India but worldwide.

Specializations do the MBA Program at Chitkara University Offer

Just like every course that Chitkara University offers, MBA is also equipped with well-trained faculty and follows advanced teaching methodologies. They encourage application-based learning, with the regular theoretical-based knowledge, to give a practical approach to the subject. This not only makes it easier for the students to grasp the subject but also acts as a bridge between degree and career growth. When you really ‘understand’ a subject by heart, and have not just ‘remembered’ the theory, you actually feel confident studying that and are able to make the most out of the job interviews.

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MBA Specialization at Chitkara University

Talking about interviews, Chitkara University makes it even easier for its students to grab what they deserve the most! This is just one of the reasons that it guarantees 100% campus recruitment with an aim to make its graduates “industry ready”. The students gain employment soon after they complete their degree course, without the stress to run for job interviews or search for off-campus placements.

Overall, Chitkara University follows the motto of developing innovative leaders through their MBA program, skilled in marketing, business, finance, and consultation and for this exposure, the university has its own advisory board groups of experts in the above-mentioned industries. This is just one of the many reasons that it is also ranked among the Top MBA colleges in Chandigarh, Punjab, and various other parts of North India.

The overall curriculum framework is based on creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, and effective decision making, which is how its students learn to compete in this ever-changing industry.

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Some of the two-year MBA programs offered by Chitkara Business School include:

This is not all. Chitkara College of Sales and Marketing also offers some two-year MBA programs which include:

Discussing some of the most favorite courses chosen by students:

MBA in Marketing

The major component of this program includes Industry Internship, wherein students gain exposure to working in organizations, simultaneously learning the skills of dealing in ‘real-time’ scenarios. This way, students practice application-based training using all the theoretical knowledge and concepts that they have learned during the course. This internship not only helps develop a practical approach for the students but also boosts their confidence for future/ upcoming job interviews.
The core courses under this program are economics, statistics, finance, accounting, management, business values, etc. with skill-based courses like workshops and business communication. Not only this, the program also offers certain specialization courses like marketing management, consumer behavior, service marketing, digital & social media marketing, rural marketing, etc. which the students can opt for depending on their interests. The top campus recruiters for this program at Chitkara University include (but are not limited to) HCL, Coca-Cola, Apollo, Sony, Asian paints, ITC, Quick Heal, HDFC bank, Havells, Patanjali, Pepsico, etc.

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MBA in Finance & Banking

Specially designed for the students who want to master their financial skills and wish to take up finance as their career, this program aims at facilitating overall professional growth through learning opportunities. With the main objective as the analytical understanding of finance and banking, great emphasis is given to learning methods, which combine research-based teaching with effective classroom interactions. Some of the core courses included in this program are economics, statistics, accounting, finance, business, etc. with other specialized courses like credit analysis, security analysis, International finance, strategic management, etc. The top campus recruiters for this program are Axis Bank, DLF, Citibank, ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered, Evalueserve, etc.

MBA in Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

Covering the major aspects of MBA, this program covers the core concepts of management with specialized training in the fields of banking, insurance, risk management, investments, etc. The banking sector is ever-growing and with even new developments, greater employment opportunities are generated for skilled professionals. Under this program, one studies a list of banking and finance subjects, and by the end when they complete this course, they tend to have high command over the topic. This enables students to expertise in their area of interest and chooses from a wide range of career paths.

The top companies who are known to recruit the graduates under this program at Chitkara University: are Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Citibank, HSBC, Bajaj, Max Life, IIFL, TATA Capital, Kotak, Edelweiss, etc.

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Whatever specialization you choose, the factors that remain common here are well-trained faculty, application-based teaching models, effective learning environment, classroom interactions, adaptive and diverse culture, the scope of networking, placement opportunities, and overall growth. Chitkara University offers what it promises, and that’s just one of the major reasons why it is the top choice of students, especially in North India.


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