4th Edition of International Conference on

Wireless Networks and Embedded Systems
Date: 20th – 21st March, 2015
Venue: Chitkara University, Punjab


An Approach towards Clean
& Sustainable Technology

Hands on Workshops

During WECON 2015, Chitkara University in association with IEEE Students Chapter (CIET Punjab) is conducting five hands-on workshops focusing on cutting edge technologies in the areas of Embedded Systems Design, Importance of Analog in Embedded Systems Design, Popular Open-source embedded Platforms & Cadence Design Suite

You can register for any one of the five workshops; there is a very nominal registration fee for attending the workshop. Please complete the registration process before March 16, visit Registration Page

If you have any queries, please contact Mr. Vishal Mehta vishal.mehta@chitkara.edu.in 9888836451

All these workshops are industry oriented; please refer to the following details

Hands-on Workshop on
Embedded Systems Design using
MSP430 Puppy
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MSP430 is a 16-bit low-power microcontroller from Texas Instruments which is widely used in applications such as Wireless Sensor Networks, Medical Applications, Wearable Electronics, and many more, where power efficiency is critical. During the hands-on workshops participants will be exposed to various features of MSP430 using MSP430 Puppy Kit.

Hands-on Workshop on
ARM based Embedded Processing using Stellaris Guru

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ARM based microcontrollers are very popular today in industry as they offer very high performance & power efficiency. ARM processors support both 32-bit and 16-bit computations. ARM processor we are going to learn in this workshop is Cortex-M3, 32 bit microcontroller working at 80Mhz. It is used in control applications, robotics applications, these MCUs offers lots of connectivity options & are used in applications like USB, CAN & Ethernet connectivity

Hands-on Workshop on
Analog System Design in Embedded

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Analog and mixed-signal circuits are an integral part of any embedded system. In all embedded systems you will find following analog circuits Pre-amplifiers, signal conditioners, filters, data converters, power management circuits, drivers etc. Today industry need analog designers who can design these circuits for embedded systems using ICs and optimize cost, performance & power. In this workshop will design some analog circuits that are crucial part of embedded systems

Hands-on Workshop on
VLSI Design using Cadence Tools Suite

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The aim of this workshop is to provide hands-on experience on the state-of-the-art Cadence EDA tools for VLSI Design. The participants will have an exposure to the Circuit Design & Simulation, Layout, Physical Verification (DRC, LVS), and Extraction. The workshop includes practice sessions on the Cadence design and simulation tools (Encounter, RTL Compiler, Virtuoso, Spectre, Assura and Incisive).

Hands-On Workshop on
Arduino& Intel Galileo

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Open Source Hardware platforms are very popular today especially in the students’ community for doing projects etc. Arduino is one of the most popular open source low cost hardware platform & Intel Galileo is Arduino Compatible hardware platform. The advantage with open source platforms are they are very easy to learn & use, there are lots or literature, technical resources, projects available online to get started and there are lots of hardware (expansion boards, shields) available at low cost which let students to build difficult or complex applications with ease and boost hands-on learning. The objective of this workshop is to get you started on these popular platforms.

Technical Collaborations