GLOBAL WEEK 2020 – The Digital Era

Global Week is a one-of-a-kind event hosted by the Office of International Affairs annually. It is a truly philanthropic initiative of the University in the genre of Internationalization at Home. It has been instrumental in instilling cross-cultural competence, knowledge transfer, and networking among students and faculty. This globally coveted event provides guest professors with an excellent yet life-changing opportunity to become intimately acquainted with India’s rich culture and diversity. Thus, due to the largely curtailed international travel because of Covid 19, for the first time since the inception of the Global Week – University’s largest event was held virtually.

The year 2020 completely changed the world’s way of functioning. And, education is one of the fields which have been deeply impacted by the global pandemic. However, one of the few positive outcomes of this experience was the ability to reconsider how new technology can be used in schools and universities to support teaching and learning. Remote schooling experiences provided a brief window of opportunity for educational institutions to imagine what “digital education” could look like in the future. The use of digital media has helped students, teachers, and parents interact and learn by providing a bit of human touch.

The Global Week 2020 included a series of intriguing and interactive virtual sessions, panel discussions and webinars where faculty members from universities across the globe shared some valuable insights on various topics. Since Zoom fatigue has become a real thing as the pandemic continues, a lot of thinking went into selecting events that were worth asking students to connect on to yet another Zoom or virtual event.